Top 10 tools for building a luxury kitchen


Building a luxury kitchen is not just about decoration and colors, but also about appliances. In a high-end kitchen there are appliances that combine function, design and beauty. If you have an extra budget to develop your kitchen, don't waste time on cheap, low-quality appliances. Choose designer appliances that enhance the beauty and function of your kitchen.

Here are 10 great devices you can buy to build a dream kitchen.

Black stainless refrigerator

Luxury kitchen decor

source: antonovich-design.ae

Black stainless steel refrigerator is one of the latest kitchen trends in 2019. The color comes from a special oxide coating that creates a dark color and reduces fingerprints. Black stainless refrigerator is the top option for homeowners who want a dark kitchen tone.

Samsung French Door Black stainless steel fridge is a unique high-end option for a luxury kitchen. The glass display case door and the stylish stainless steel handles are great for a stylish kitchen.

Modular set-top stove

Luxury kitchen appliances packages

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Modular cookers that are already popular in European design kitchens are gradually becoming known. A modular oven, a normal oven in an oven, an induction burner, a deep fryer, Teppanyaki Grill and oven. Some brands Sous vide Cook.

The SmartLine brands from Wolf, Gaggenau Vario and Miele propose modular stoves for special cooking zones. Because they are modular, you can remove and replace some or all of your cooking appliances if your cooking preferences commute.

No cope with cabinet

Luxury kitchen table

source: thedesignyard.com

The cabinet without a cope with is a favorite with luxury kitchen owners due to its stylish appearance. Inexpensive versions are available in affordable stores like Home Depot and IKEA. However, if you want to decorate a luxurious kitchen, you have to order products from high-end private labels.

Valcucine, Bulthaup and SieMatic are known for their handleless luxury cabinets in Europe. It also offers a variety of modular designs that you can adapt to any kitchen design you want.

steam ovens

Luxury kitchen designs photo gallery

source: 4kdevelopments.com

Steam ovens were first used by chefs in Europe to make crispy bread and juice dishes. You should buy a "genuine steam oven" to equip a luxurious kitchen, preferably with features such as self-cleaning, temperature control, automatic steam mode and much more. Wolf, Bosch, Gaggenau and Thermador have elegant surfaces, premium functions and even a gourmet cooking mode.

wine cabinet

Luxury kitchen floor plans

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Wine cabinet is a must in all luxury kitchens. You can buy a mini fridge, 24-shelf system, or a beer with multiple storage spaces that are useful for storing beer and whiskey. Sub-Zero offers a wide range of wine coolers, from a mini-drawer style to a large model side by side.

Designer kitchen island

Luxury Kitchen pendant light

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The top kitchen islands are born of designers. For example, Alexander Gorlin, Jean-Louis Deniot and Kelly Wearstler exhibited their work in luxury properties in Manhattan and California. A luxurious kitchen island often has special features such as stainless steel plates, solid marble, gold veins and several storage spaces.

Sculpture kitchen hood

Luxury kitchen sink brands

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The shaped hood gives every luxury kitchen a unique touch. Instead of a normal stainless steel hood, a molded hood has an unusual shape that enhances any kitchen. For example, the antique copper header series from Sinda brings elegant charm to your luxury kitchen. In the meantime, Puddy and Hostaria kitchen hoods have a more contemporary design.

Mini espresso machine

Design ideas for luxury kitchens

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If you only need a few cups a day for a few people, then why should you deal with enormous espresso machines? Single-serve espresso machines are common, but Smeg takes them to the next level. Inspired by ancient European cars, Smeg offers unique design and interesting color options. It also has high-end features like difficult water and temperature controls.

High-performance induction cooker

Luxury kitchen lights

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The modern generation induction cooker has different temperature zones where you can cook three types of food at the same time. The modern Liberty Induction Cooker is currently the top option for this device. It has three cooking zones, an clever control panel, an automatic heater and a conical stainless steel.

Designer sink

Luxury kitchen hoods Llc

source: trendir.com

After all, your sink should also be treated at a high level. Designer sinks propose unique shapes and technologies that normal cookie cutters do not have. Eumar's origami sink, Omvivo's kaleidoscope sink and Julia Kononenko's wooden "map" sink are just a few examples of innovative and unique sinks.

High quality equipment is required to build a luxury kitchen. Create the kitchen of your dreams by buying only the top of every kitchen appliance.



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