25 lovely headboard ideas to decorate your bedroom


A comfortable bed is enough for many people, but an excellent headboard can transform the master bedroom. Many titles are now available in different colors, shapes and materials. You can wear a hood that complements the interior or draws your eyes.

Don't have a boring and flat headboard alert for your room. Here are five great header ideas you can use in the master bedroom.

1. Moody Tufted Hood

A hood with a hood looks like the extension of your bed. If you want to obtain a large but comfortable look, select a thick tassel hood with pessimistic colors. Slightly darker shades such as field blue, bottle green or fossil gray are great for an elegant master bedroom.

Give your bed a headboard with a blue tassel to achieve a lovely design in the bedroom.

It's a good idea to use a black hood for your bed. Because you obtain a high level of comfort with this headboard.

Choosing a headboard for your bed is the right choice. Since this hood has the longest thickness, it is very soft to use.

Bedrooms that use beds with gray tufted heads can make your bedroom look more elegant.

A high comfort hood is a tassel hood. This hood is not only comfortable, but also makes your bedroom look luxurious.


Second Ogee title

The Ogee headboard has a unique, Moroccan-inspired, curved shape. There are two S-like curves that meet at an acute middle. This title creates an expression in an unusual way. You can select a solid color or patterned hood with this shape and your bed will always look attractive.

Use a Moroccan-inspired hood for your bedroom ideas, the Ogee hood. This Ogee hood is great for you as it makes your room attractive.


You can use this bed with this pink and patterned ogee hood to give your room a charming look. With this headboard your bed looks elegant.


One of the headboard styles that are suitable for creating an elegant bedroom decor is the Ogee headboard. This Moroccan inspired hood will make your room look unique.

This Ogee hood with blue color and unique motif is great for you. Because your bedroom will look lovely with this headboard.


The hood is important for the bedroom because the hood can propose comfort and a good look. As in the picture above, your room will be unique with an Ogee hood.


Third Wooden board header

Many beds have wooden frames with headboards. However, if you want to look something "farmhouse", select a headboard made of wooden boards. They are available in a variety of colors and grain that you can combine with almost any interior color.

You can use a bed with a wooden board headboard to make a natural impression in your bedroom. With the desperate look of the headboard, your bedroom looks more rustic.

It is an interesting idea to use a wooden hood with different colors. Because your bedroom looks more unique and natural with this headboard.

One of the titles suitable for you is a wooden cap. With this wooden board headboard, your bedroom will have a warm atmosphere.

It is suitable for you to use dark wooden head. Because this title makes your room more elegant.

Wood is one of the necessary materials to make a good headboard. Because it makes the wooden headpiece look stunning.


4th Metal hood

The metal headboard is often associated with traditional or classic peasant styles. However, many metal caps are now available in different shapes and sizes. You can select a hood with a unique shape and unusual metal such as black stainless steel, bronze or gold brass.

If you like the peasant style, you can use a metal hood as shown above. Because with this headboard your bedroom looks vintage.

Bent metal head, suitable for use in your bedroom. With this headboard your bedroom makes a classic impression.

The metal hood is usually one of the agricultural style hoods. That is why you can use such a headboard for country-style rooms.

This patterned and rustproof head is great for you. Because this title can make your room more elegant and lovely.

It is a good idea to use a brass cap as in the picture above. In general, this metal hood is often associated with the classic style, but for those of you who use rooms with a modern style, you can also use this hood.


5th Padded leather cap

A padded hood may sound too common, but if the surface material is leather? Even with synthetic leather you can achieve an impressive look with the leather hood. It is available in different colors and many even have unique patterns.

You can use this leather-covered hood to obtain a kind view of the bedroom. This material not only looks impressive, it is also pleasant to use.


The leather covered cap with brown color is very practical for you as it can give a dazzling look.


It is a good idea to select a bed with a padded leather headboard. Because with this hood you can make your bedroom look elegant.

This leather-covered hood has a light brown color and is great for you. Because this material is a durable material.

This luxury hood is made of leather. Using this hood gives you extra comfort.


If you have a low ceiling, install a ceiling-high piece of hood. The parents can give you a wider look that creates an impressive look in your bedroom.



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