22 creepy Halloween decoration ideas will say WOW


Halloween is a fabulous time of the year. It's still about a month away, but it's never too early to think about how you can give your home a scary ghost for Halloween. You don't have to spend a lot of money on Halloween decoration projects that you may not want to use a second time. You can create your decoration projects because anyone with creativity, patience, and surprisingly small materials can create creepy and creative decorations in their homes. If you want to carry out your decoration projects, you will be happy to cognize that we have collected some modern ideas for you. Check out the following tour with 22 DIY Halloween decorating ideas and make a creative and scary Halloween.

1.Turn the porch column into giant mummy:

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2. The broom parking sign tells your neighbors how many witches you have in your house:

3. Light up your Halloween veranda with bat lanterns and lots of pumpkin fixings:

4. How to make evil witch legs Grillo designs,

5. Use light on a small witch to cast the shadow of a BIG witch in your house:

6.Hang a witch hat with a fishing rod from the ceiling:

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7. Make a skeleton foam bath:

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8.Grass ghosts made from drop cloths and transparent packaging tape:

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9.This golden feather wreath with metallic gold skull, satin hat and lovely tie increased the horror effect:

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10. Many different pumpkin layers to create a belt for Halloween:

11. Decorate your garden tree with glowing ghost skirts:

12. Use silicone to make a copy of your bloody palm:

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Buy a plastic kettle at the $ 13 store and split it in half to make this lovely witch wreath:

14.Use toilet paper to shape the monster's eyes:

15.DIY Black Branch Wreath Black Painted Branches and Dollar Store Made Items:

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16. Cut hand vase:

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17. Hanging Cage Halloween Prop:

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18. Convert pictures of your loved ones to a ghost screen:

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19.Witch broom burning passage:

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20. Terracotta pot witch – It is made by painting and stacking black pots:



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