Winter Bucket List: More than 30 winter activities with kids, including a free printable list


What to do in winter According to my bucket list in autumn, the right list for winter contains great activities you can do with children in winter. Again, most activities are primarily for practicing with children – but not only, and a large portion of more than 30 points can be done alone or in pairs. And a Free list Pressure is also included. Get inspired!

Today's post is complete Winter activities with childrenBut before I commence with the list of points, I would like to recommend my previous list for the fall. Of course there are many things that can be done here in winter, e.g. Hop puddles, handicrafts and artifacts (including ideas), Excursions etc. You can find the contribution here:

Autumn Bucket List: Over 30 activities with children in winter,

I look forward to your feedback at the end of this article. Remember: Print the list as a PDF file for inspiration! The free download link is also at the end of the article.

WINTER ACTIVITIES – You can do with children

1. Ice skating

Even the small ones can skate. Whether it's good weather outdoors or bad weather on the ice rink, ice skating is always a good idea.

2. Sledge / sledge

Whether on a well-developed sledge run or just on a hill, the sledge is fun everywhere. Night tobogganing is even offered on some routes – however, this is something for older or "adult" children.

3. Winter barbecues

Grilling is not only a pleasure in summer. If you have the opportunity to grill in your garden or on your balcony, you should try against the snow floor in winter.

4. Bake and gingerbread decorations

Have you ever made gingerbread? It's easier than you think. A great recipe for the gingerbread that I tied directly to you *here*. Don't forget to decorate with protein glaze. And if you have a lot of time and greed, try a gingerbread house right away.

Gingerbread recipe including royal icing

5. Ring and ring

Come in! Come in! Clean the ring! Organizing a circus at home is a genuine hit for the kids. Any circus director, tightrope walker, clown or wizard

* his. The circus is also a great slogan for a child's birthday. And with a few "magic tricks" from adults, a genuine WOW effect is guaranteed ?

6. Play in the snow: make a snowman, build an eskimo, make snow angels, etc.

Is it easiest with children in winter? Pack in hot and snow! Depending on the amount of snow, the most lovely things can be done. Make a snow angel, make a snowman or – if you have some profit and luck – Build an Eskimo.

7. Crafts with ironing beads

This point is particularly popular at home! From simple motifs to practical workpieces to small works of art … you can do a lot with ironing beads. For example creative coasters, key rings, (birthday-) invitations etc.

And if you have reasonably patient children, they can sometimes be busy for several hours ?

Ironing beads DIY | Ideas for children

8. Climbing hall

Of course, children also want to feel the urge to move in winter. In bad weather, a trip to the next climbing hall is ideal. Most climbing halls have their own (smallRock wall for beginners (or just small children).

9. Trip to the playground

A walk in the game park is recommended in all seasons. Fresh air, exercise and animals. What more do you want as a child?


10. Bake cookies

Winter is the season when cookies are cooked most often. (Sure, right?And almost all children like to help with cooking in the kitchen. Of course you will find many recipes for cookies here in the blog. Here I link two additives for delicious biscuit recipes:


Make a calendar for the 11th year

A special task for children who like to tinker: make a calendar! There are countless options. However, it is particularly recommended to buy one. Craft calendar is

* It is ensured that certain days are pre-printed. The task for children is then to create a suitable piece of art for each month, and it is then glued on. Also valuable with regard to education: it is learned over the course of the months and annual calendars.

12. Go skiing or take a ski course

Do you live near ski areas? Then climb the slopes or the ski slope!

13. Visit the Christmas market

A Christmas market is a good reason for a trip. It doesn't always have to be a nearby market – maybe you want to go a small further and obtain to cognize a modern one? Many Christmas markets have special specialties such as Kiachln at the Innsbruck Christmas market. Or how about Colmar, known for its fascinating markets? One-to-one report Day trip to Colmar It can also be found on the blog with its main attractions.

14. Snow shovel with

Is Siberia running outside and snowing like Ms. Holles blanket? There is no reason to obtain bored with your own four walls, on the contrary: shoveling snow is not only a genuine full-body workout for young and ancient, but also (with the right attitudeIt is really fun.

15. Drink a hot punch

When it is cold, it is good to warm up with hot drinks. A hot blow is a good idea. Classic for the large, classic for the small ones without alcohol. There are great do-it-yourself recipes, but of course fun can also be combined with a visit to the Christmas market (see Article 13).

16. Pour the candles

When it gets dark outside in winter, candles create a particularly pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Have you ever thought of doing this yourself? You can also use it to plan an exciting afternoon with kids.

Do you often have leftovers from the candle? Don't take away! Then collect and pour a modern candle. A candle wick that you really need is a refractory form that you can fill in liquid wax, or a form in which solid wax can be removed later. Another possibility, e.g. this to adjust


And the top thing about it? Finished candles are also a great homemade gift for relatives ?

17. Winter hike

Wind hiking with the right equipment is a special experience. Build a snowball fight with a pine cone nose at the edge of the forest, piling up in the snow. Snowshoes are higher in older children.

18. For tea

Simple and lovely: drink tea! In fast moving times, pouring and enjoying tea is a great way to slow down. This ceremony can also be initiated with children: fill in water, smell the tea bag, pour it out and enjoy. Don't forget to burn candles!
Even simple things – like drinking tea here – They should be “celebrated” and learned at a young age.

19. See the constellations

It is almost impossible for children in summer to be great in winter: observing the constellations. When it gets dark in the early evening and the weather is kind, you can spot the stars early. Children can not only obtain to cognize the constellations themselves, but also learn vividly how the earth rotates and how far the stars are from our planet. By the way, there are great tools for better orientation in the sky, e.g. It is child friendly Celestial Maps

*. We bought it for our 5 year ancient this year. We also have a telescope and constellations (or astronomyprobably a small bit of it.

20. Indoor playground

The weather is bad, there is no snow in sight, and does the child's desire to move require action? Then the indoor playground is the right activity. By the way, there are always more, and if there are more options, you can take a day trip from them.

21st Museum Day

Children are naturally curious. You can discover and research modern things in museums. There are usually separate programs for children, especially on weekends, in which the content is prepared in an age-appropriate manner and encourages people to participate.

22. Small chocolate fondue with fruits

Is there a chocolate Nikolo from the Nikolo Festival? Then only a small milk and banana are missing and then there is nothing more we can do Mini chocolate fondue

*! Cut the fruits into small pieces, melt the chocolate with milk in the small fondue container and then with pieces of banana (or e.g. tangerine) immerse briefly. Delicious!

Celebrate the children's New Year's Eve

Make New Year's Eve a party for your children! It is especially kind to enjoy a kind evening with good food and games and to look forward to the return of the year – the small ones can hold out for a very long time. A good tip for New Year's Eve is raclette. Children can make their own favorite variations and enjoy their own snacks.

24. Cook a soup together

Ideal for heating and strengthening soups, especially when it is very cold outside. The good thing is that even with the active support of small hands, it is very simple. top winter soup recipes I connected you directly!

25. Go to the indoor pool

Forget to obtain cold, collect your swimsuits, and then go to the indoor pool! Blue Wet is a welcome commute from the gray-gray color of the winter months.

26th cinema / film evening (depending on age)

Television is often a creative choice for a company. However, this point is the exception to this rule: look for a kind movie with kids, make fresh popcorn, and hug yourself under a blanket. Pull!

27. Board game afternoon

Board and card games are great and soon have the potential to rush in the afternoon. A few suggestions: yourself, the lead game, Uno, Ligretto, Halli-Galli, Sparkle Treasure, etc.
For older children: monopoly, crazy labirite, risk, skull, etc.

28. Build a baby bed

There is no doubt that this point seems to be a small more challenging. However, there are a multitude of variants that can also be used without problems in younger children – for example a paper bowl for cutting, a kind one tinkered wooden crib

* or that's great stone kit*.

29. Bathroom

Can't you go to the indoor pool? A few liters in the tub are enough for a simple spray. It's great when kids have water toys, like small buckets. If you don't have anything on hand, discarded packaging materials like washed yogurt cups aren't great for having fun in the tub.

30th reading and story afternoon

It is actually simple things that give children the greatest pleasure. This involves a very "ancient-fashioned" activity: reading books. This can be reconciled with another item on this list: drink tea!

31. Indoor sports: trial lesson

There are enough sports that can be practiced in any season and in any weather – because these should be practiced in the halls. These conclude squash, handball, dance, figure skating, ice hockey, etc. Countable. Many providers and clubs propose a free trial lesson to see if the sport is fun. So he says: Just try it out, maybe this way a modern favorite hobby will be discovered!

32. Listen to audio CD or podcast

Only children don't like stories. If you don’t have time to buy the book yourself (See Article 30), can also read aloud allowThe propose is great: either obtain a story CD, seek the streaming service and look for the right podcast. Everyone will find what they are looking for!


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33. Bake bread or rolls

Baking bread is genuine craftsmanship. But it's not magic, anyone can do it. It is kind to mix, shape and bake the dough with the kids. Together we create something that is eaten with our own hands. A lovely, meditative and delicious activity. Check out this category: Bread and pastries,

Download Freebie: "Winter Bucket List – Winter Activities with Children" for printing

So far so good … I also prepared these first 33 points as a free download (PDF file) for inspiration. Just click the download link below, save and print. And then plan as many points as possible and enjoy it until the end of winter.

If I need to add it to the list in the future, it will continue at the free link number 34.

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>> "Winter Bucket List – winter activities with children"To be printed as a PDF file <<

See also Activity list for autumnAs I said, there are many things you can do here even in winter – without having to mention them twice. (e.g. carving potato flakes, visiting a flea market, running a forest course, etc.)

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