Microgreen, sprouts and seedlings – Part 1 wealthy in nutrients in the cold winter


Nutrients, taste and small effort. Micro Green not only enriches every dish visually, but is also full of vitamins and feed with good taste and small effort.

Sprouts germinate on the glass

Do you remember your first experiences with cressing in kindergarten? Cress seeds were pressed into a pot of soil or cotton wool, soaked, and the cress grew properly after several days of simple care.

Everything was fun and tasty. And it is nutritious. At that time, the main focus was on the joy of creating something modern and growing with your own hands. In fact, we made really great and healthy ingredients.

In today's post, I want you to create a small, nutritious micro garden with minimal effort! Because there is a lot to say, especially for seedlings and shoots (But not only that) in stock during the cold season.

There's more The second part of the series "microgreen, sprouts and seedlings" read.

Microgreen: Sprouts germinate on seed glass. Nutrient-rich all winter

The good thing is that you can earn a good income with small effort. The principle is always the same: the seeds are moistened to activate their budding; This then becomes delicious sprouts or seedlings.

Below I show you the most common examples of germination:

1. Sprouts germinate in glasses

A simple and effective way to germinate seeds is through a glass jar. This makes it very simple to give the seeds the necessary moisture without "drowning" in the wet. You only need

  • a glass,
  • a kind strainer
  • and or a clean gauze

Everything is of course very cheap to buy as a set from different manufacturers – see. here *

or here * – or you just make your own version:

  1. 1-2 tablespoons of seeds for several hours (depending on the variety) Soak in cold water in a sufficiently large glass;
  2. Sift the water through a strainer and add the seeds to the jar.
  3. Cover the glass hole with a clean cheese cloth and a rubber band and bend the glass so that the holes face diagonally down and the rest of the water flows.
  4. Rinse the seeds twice a day with fresh cold water and rebuild the jar as described.
  5. You can harvest it after two to seven days.

Basically, almost any seed can germinate in this way. Clover, cress and mung beans are particularly popular.

But it is also ideal for sunflower seeds, chickpeas or lentils. It is particularly suitable for pre-made seed mixtures that are available from specialist dealers.

Micro green | Seedlings: arugula and cress - just grow # microgreen

2. Pull the seedlings

As already mentioned, cress is the "star" for self-germination. You can grow these and other seeds using the method described above, but in some cases – like cress – it is easier: for example knitting seeds. Cotton wool (or of course the world) is kept moist all the time by soaking twice a day with water.

With this method, seedlings are cut on roots that are not eaten here.

This principle of seedling cultivation is simple to apply and can also be applied to other seeds such as arugula and mustard.

With the Microgreens starter set, Heimgart offers a particularly lovely attachment system for this variant. Various "micro green seed pillows" can be added, combined and germinated here.


The ceramic mold is filled with water once and does not need to be refilled. The seeds are kept perfectly moist and germinate after a few days without additional effort.

Micro Green Seedlings | Rocket and cress | Rich nutritional value in winter

3. Other options etc.

As you can see, it's not magic at all to make fabulous seedlings from seeds. The methods I propose you are just a few of the many options.

There are also many professional sellers germ equipmentYou can also germinate several varieties; or water the seeds automatically, etc. Unfortunately I have not yet tested a device from this segment. When the time comes, I will of course report in detail on it.



What experience have you had with sprouts and seedlings with microgreen? Are you using a specific microbe? Tell me a small in the comment column – I'd like to enter more.

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