21 ways to wear long hair with bangs


Hair with bangs is a very popular look and the trend is not going that fast. Over the years, the bangs were shaped in different ways, from flat ends to blown bangs. There is even the latest micro-explosion look. The bangs are versatile and fit any hair length and hair type, but they look lovely with long hair. If you have long and thick hair, the bangs can lose some weight, which means your hair is easier to cope with. It not only looks kind, but also practical. If you've thought of getting bangs, this is the place for you, because we have 21 stylish ideas for long-haired women. There are styles with curls, trendy colors and more.

1. Sun kissed blonde hair with long bangs

The first hairstyle we have to show you is kissed by the sun and is lovely. The hair for this look is long, has long light bangs and is also shaped by lovely curls. The style stands out like color. Hair like this fits everyone. You can recreate the style in any color and also prefer side-swept bangs. Keep it light. This hair also looks straight.

Sun kiss blonde hair with long kissing

Source: @romeufelip too

2. Slight breakouts and pleasant waves

Next we have another hairstyle with light bangs. The hair is long with relaxed waves and soft bangs. There are also kind caramel accents. We love this hairstyle because it is so simple to wear and looks effortlessly stylish. This type of bang is great for women who have tried the style for the first time, because if you commute your mind, the hair can be cut off easily.

Slight explosions and pleasant waves

Source: @marisacuts

3. Spicy red hair with bangs

If you want to try a bold color and a modern cut, this is great for you. Here we have a long hairstyle with long bangs. The hair is also a spicy red hue that is actually quite greasy. A similar cut and color will completely transform your hair. A stylish red hue like this looks fantastic with micro or side bangs.

Spicy red hair with bangs

Source: @allydayn too

4. Stunning vintage style hair

We love this next hairstyle and it is one of our favorite looks! The hair is long and straight cut along the bangs. This style is completed by stylish curls. It has a very kind hairstyle and vintage look. Hair like this is a must for women who love fashion and beauty in the 60s and 70s.

5. Beach waves and explosion

Do you like beachy hairstyles? If so, you should see this. The hair for this look is super long with simple and stylish bangs. The rest of the hair turns into pleasant beach waves. This is a lovely hairstyle and will suit everyone. You can recreate the haircut on any hair color, but we think it will look great with blonde highlights for a sun-kissed style.

6. stylish idea for blonde hair

This next hairstyle is very stylish! Hair blonde with lovely curls and long bangs. This is another style that is simple to carry and very stylish. You can try this idea or try long hair and bangs in a sleek and sleek style. Blonde curls would also look great with a side bang.

7. Short bangs and curls

Not all bangs need to be long, you can try a shorter length too! There are long curls with short bangs here. As you can see, short bangs look very stylish. Such hair is only intended for women who want to explicate it. You can recreate this or try a bold hair color like red, it will look great.

8. shiny blonde hair with bangs

Next there is another cool color and tailored to show it to you. For this look, the hair has long and light bangs in a stylish yellow color. We love the yellow color because it is very unique and trendy. This is a great hair idea that allows you to stand out from the crowd of styles. It would be great for summer.

Shiny blonde hair with bangs

Source: @bymaggieki too

9. Blast straight with volume

If your hair is thick and full of volume, this is for you. The hair is straight over the bangs with a long cut. Perfect for a kind haircut and everyday use. You can recreate this view or try shorter bangs. In any case, your hair looks lovely.

Bulky explosion straight

Source: @marisacuts

10. Glam hair idea

Treat yourself to glamorous makeup with such a hairstyle. As you can see, the hair is long with curls and straight over the bangs. The hair is also highlighted beautifully. This is a stunning style that will completely commute your look. We love this hair and we think it will suit everyone.

Glam hair idea with bangs

Source: @marisacuts



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