23 ways to wear trendy butterfly nails this spring


Butterflies have become one of the most popular designs in nail art. Because butterflies are lovely, you can create very different designs, complex wing patterns look stunning, and celebrities like Kylie Jenner also wear butterfly nails. After all, we love these designs and we cognize you will too. To inspire you, we found the 23 top butterfly nails on Instagram. You will find cool patterns, astonishing color combinations and more. Look, you want to try them all!

1. Colorful butterfly nails

The idea of ​​the first butterfly nail that we have to show you is breathtaking. The base is almost open and each nail is decorated with a colorful butterfly. You can find nail art tutorials online that can show you how to paint such butterflies. The design can be reproduced on any nail length and shape.

Colorful butterfly nails

Source: @onyxfiles

2. Blue butterflies

There are several ways to decorate your nails with butterflies. You can have the whole butterfly, just wings or maybe just a pattern. These nails use butterflies wisely. The nails are all bare and each hand is painted with blue butterflies. One nail has a butterfly, but two nails have a wing, and when the nails arrive together, they form a butterfly. This is a very stylish and lovely design idea. Butterfly art requires practice, but instead you can create a simpler version of butterflies.

Blue butterflies nail art

Source: @nailstory_ by

3. French ombre nails with butterflies

Do you like to wear trendy ombre nails? If so, this design can be great for you. This mania has French ombre art. Two of the nails are decorated with lovely butterflies in the colors purple, pink and light blue. The idea of ​​a lovely nail and wearing butterflies is pretty lean. You can find Ombre Nail Art Tutorials online and use nail stickers to replicate butterflies.

Butterfly french ombre nails

Source: @laquenailb is

4. Purple nails with clouds and butterflies

Then we have a bright and lovely nail design that we can show you. These nails are long and pastel purple in color. Every nail has cloud art and colorful butterflies. It is a stunning design and would be great for spring and summer. This look was created by The GelBottle Inc with nail colors in pastel shades V005, Papaya, Periwinkle, Marilyn and Daisy. A similar mania can be created with similar pastel colors and butterfly nail stickers.

Purple nails with clouds and butterflies

Source: @chaunlegend

5. Bright butterfly nail idea

This next nail idea is super cute and fun! Each nail is painted in a matt and different color. They are all decorated with bright butterflies and the same leopard print. It is a kind nail idea and will suit everyone. You can recreate this art in all nail shapes and lengths.

Butterfly nails with leopard print

Source: @nailzbysav

6. Naked nails with thick butterflies

How bold nail art? So you should see this design. We have long bare nails here and two nails on each hand have the art of a living butterfly. These butterflies explicate themselves better due to the vivid colors. Such a mania would be great for the summer season. You can buy lovely butterfly nail stickers that create a similar look. Try this design or put butterflies on all nails.

Naked nails with naked butterflies

Source: @chaunlegend

7. Colorful butterflies

This next nail idea is one of our favorites! These nails are inspired by different types of butterflies. We love it because it is lovely, magical and trendy. Not only that, this idea is so much fun and spring screams! For this look, all nails have a matte, bare base. Each nail is decorated with two types of butterflies, and two of the nails glow a light blue. You can paint such nails by hand or use stickers.

8. Pink nails with butterfly nail art and glitter

If you are looking for a more glamorous butterfly mania this design can be great. For this look, two nails are light pink, one nail shimmers pink and the other nail has lovely butterfly wing art. Such butterfly wings can be created by first painting a gradient or an ombre. Then you can use a stencil or manually paint the black wing on it and then terminate it off with white dots. You can find tutorials for history and use a punctuation tool for points. If you don't have one, a toothpick can work too!

Pink nails with butterfly nail art and glitter

Source: @ jess.tsnail45

9. Dark nails with purple butterflies

Butterfly nails don't have to be shiny. You can select darker shades and this mania is a good example. Each nail is matte with black tips. The butterflies are delicate and showy and give charm. We think this is a stylish way to wear a butterfly. If you want to be even thinner, you can use a nail with a butterfly accent or select a different tip color. This mania is great for fall and winter.

Black nails with butterflies

Source: @toplinenails

10. Simple butterfly nail art

Are you looking for a simple and stylish nail design? Then look at that. We have short and light nails here. Both nails have half the wing of the butterfly. When the nails arrive together, a whole butterfly is created. The butterfly has a simple black design with no intricate patterns on its wings, which means you can recreate it yourself. All you need is a light polish, a black brush with a fine brush and of course a sturdy cope with!

Simple butterfly nail art

Source: @danyellve too



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