How to become a millionaire with affiliate marketing: Michelle's surprising story


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Have you ever wondered if you can blog? Of course there are people who make six-digit numbers a year with the blog. What about six numbers? a month?

Well it can be done! I'm happy to announce that in today's blog post I'm going to interview someone who did just that. By Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Understand the cents He has been writing millions of blogs annually since 2020 and also travels all day. Talk about living the dream!

If you want to learn how to implement some of Michelle's strategies for increasing your blogging income, read on!

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1. Hello Michelle! I think you are one of the most famous and famous names in the blogging industry, but for those you don't cognize, please introduce yourself! Who are you? What are you doing what is your story

Hello everybody! I am the founder and creator of Make Sense of Cents, a personal finance site where readers learn to save more, make money and live more. In only 7 months I was able to pay the student loan debt in just 7 months, which I mentioned in detail on my website and hurried like crazy (you can find more information here – How I Pay $ 40,000 Student Loans in 7 Months).

I am currently traveling with my husband and two dogs all day on a sailboat (currently in the Bahamas). It has been used for RVs for several years and there is still a trailer that we use for off-boat hurricane season.

2. How did you obtain the idea to do Sent Sense? How long have you been blogging?

One day I created Sense of Cents at random. I started enthusiastically in 2011. I had no idea what blogs are or how they can make money. I first got to cognize blogging when I came across an article with a personal finance page in one of his articles. From there I started to obtain interested in the world of personal finance blogging and the rest is history, haha!

I became a full-time blogger in 2013 and have been writing a full-time blog ever since.

3. You said that you started your blog as a hobby for the first time. When did you realize that you could turn it into a business?

While paying my student loan debt, I kept writing about how I needed it and wanted to find more ways to make extra money.

I started writing how to find a part time job and Ways To Make Extra Moneywhen a reader says I should try to make money on my blog because I am already spending a lot of time! Shortly thereafter, a blog friend connected me to an advertiser he knew and started my first $ 100 blog.

When I made the first $ 100, I realized that I could make money writing a blog. At that point, I didn't think I would be a full-time blogger – I thought it would be a good income.

However, when I paid my student loans and set up an emergency fund, I realized that I could turn it into a full-time job and full-time career because I felt financially more stable.

4. Do you think you can blog and make money or do you need some easy skills?

No, because that would make him wealthy quickly. No job is great for everyone, and of course it also applies to blogs.

I don't cognize if there is a certain easy skill because there is so much to run a successful blog.

BUT I think you should enjoy blogging. Passion can go a long way in this business.

For example, I cognize a lot of successful bloggers who hate writing, but I like everything related to blogging, like marketing and social media. Then I only cognize those who prefer to write and outsource everything else.

5. It seems that the biggest goal for many modern bloggers is to break the $ 100 / month barrier and then the $ 1000 / bar barrier. How did you commence making money with your blog in the beginning and how long did it take?

After about 6 months of blogging, I started making $ 100 a month. At this point, this was done primarily through sponsored Sent Sense of Cents publications.

About a year after I started doing Sent Sense, I started making $ 1,000 a month. At the time, it was mostly sponsored shipments, but only more, and I obtain a cheaper price for each show (I started charging more).

About two years later, I made about $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 a month online and on my blog. This was done through freelance work for sponsored posts, ads and others that found me through my blog. This included employees who wrote and directed social media for others.

For the past few years, I've made about $ 100,000 a month on my blog. To obtain to that point, I actually stopped working for others just to focus on my blogging business. When I had more time, I improved Sense of Cents, created courses, went into affiliate marketing, and more.

Affiliate marketing takes me to the next level to generate a much higher income every month.

6. What is your favorite way to make money from your website?

My favorite way is affiliate marketing!

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7. In your course Affiliate marketing senseShow how you can earn about $ 50,000 a month with affiliate marketing if you make $ 0 a month. Do you think affiliate marketing is the top way for modern bloggers to monetize their websites, or would you recommend starting with another source of income like sponsored posts or display advertising?

I think each of them has their own positive aspects, so it is always difficult to answer this question. Although affiliate marketing is my preferred way of blogging money, all bloggers recommend trying this.

Affiliate marketing is great because after years of doing the same blog post, you can make money feeling like a small residual income, promoting the products you really enjoy and believe, and more.

As a full-time traveler, affiliate marketing is the top way to generate revenue and still maintain a flexible research program.

8. What is your # 1 tip for modern affiliate marketers?

My top tip is to give it a try. Before I gave him a chance, I didn't think affiliate marketing was my time, so I never thought twice.

However, I learned that you don't have to be famous for millions of monthly page views or money blogging.

You can learn what happened to affiliate marketing and apply strategies to your blog, and it doesn't have to be crazy!

9. What is the top lesson you have learned from your affiliate marketing experience? Do you have a fast tip for bloggers who are having trouble selling affiliate marketing?

If you are having trouble selling with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend taking a course like the following. Affiliate marketing sense, Many bloggers believe that affiliate marketing only hits one affiliate link on your blog and calls it a tag. However, there are more of them.

There are several strategies you can apply to your website, there is legitimacy you need to cognize, and much more.

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10. What makes affiliate marketing so effective for making money as a blogger?

I am very grateful for affiliate marketing earnings. It makes life easier in many ways. It allows me to travel full time, which I love!

I love affiliate marketing because it's a bit passive – with the minimal work required to maintain it, you can make money with these post years. So, years later, I can generate income with just one blog post. What I like about it in sponsored publications – in the long term.

It also gives me a more flexible schedule because I'm not tied to a specific time to do anything with affiliate marketing. I'm just posting a blog post and this blog post does a lot for me.

11. If you can go back in time, what would you commute to obtain to your location faster (now)?

Start with self-hosted WordPress with a purchased domain name. I've been very professional since I started my blog as a hobby, haha. I didn't have my own domain name or account. I think I did this for about a year before I finally bought a domain name and hosted myself.

12. I cognize that you have already talked about creating a better work-life balance. Are you spending less time on your blog and affiliate marketing than a few years ago?

I spend a lot less time. I worked on Cents Sense Making between 40 and 100 hours a week. Now I am somewhere between 0 and 40 depending on the week. I spend most of my time writing articles to do Sense of Cents because I enjoy it the most!

13. What is your biggest challenge as a business owner?

It's not a lot of struggle, but I'm always thinking of learning something modern. The business world and the blog are constantly changing and there is always something modern to learn!

14. What is a "typical" day for you if you are a full-time blogger?

I don't have a typical day because I travel full time and my life changes a lot. However, I spend most of my working days writing and answering reader emails because there are things I like as a full-time blogger. I outsource some work like creating, editing, technical management and more to Pinterest images.

What's next 15?

I want to keep doing what I'm doing – creating more great content and reaching more readers. I love what's going on, so you don't have to commute it while having fun!

Apart from blogging, we are currently sailing to the Bahamas and will have fun here for the next few months before sailing to our next destination (wherever!).

16. What is your top recommendation for potential bloggers who have not yet started their blog?

My top tip would be to commence a blog! Many people let their fears keep them.

However, you do not cognize whether you like blogging or whether it is up to you to commence a blogging company. Fortunately, one is fairly simple to commence and learn – there are also a lot of great lessons and informative blogs you can take.

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I would like to thank Michelle for participating in this interview and for allowing me to interview her!

I anticipate it inspires me just as it inspires.

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