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Contains advertising * | Hello my dears! Before I wait too long for a modern blog post from me, I would like to briefly report on some minor changes in our living room. Oh yes, I could have been in the mood of commute lately! I don't cognize if this is due to my modern daily yoga routine, but I do energy! I could now jump up and destroy all walls! But I still have (or most of all) professional plans (yes, I'm still there …) and they require practice and that's why I commute here and there so much that it fits the time and can splash between my inner heart.

By the way, it happened when I was last week H & M Home He was in Hamburg and discovered this lovely pillow with a hummingbird on it. Whuhuu, I think lovely! And I don't have that green pillow and such a hummingbird just feels good in a green environment, I bought a couple of matching pillows. Have fun at H & M Home in Hamburg! The kind thing was that I recently had a desire to surround myself with green – the color seems very attractive to me and is extremely good for me. Do you cognize that colors have a particularly strong influence on you at certain times?

So there are modern pillows

And the sofa or the whole area looks very different, doesn't it? I think it looks calmer and more inviting. When I sit down and look at the pillow, I immediately think: "You are so lovely!". And I think that's how it should always be at home. You look somewhere and you are happy.

The previous coffee table somehow didn't fit anymore, but since I preferred a modern one with a modern sofa (I always look, though Ultimate not yet found), i.e. nightstand brought from above puff (also from above – I have to arrive up with something modern from my cozy corner ;-)) and put two boys on the sofa. And I think they feel very comfortable there!

And yes, Bestå is gone

I cognize! It looked great! I also received a lot of positive feedback about my Bestå, but: It was almost always empty. So drawers. Apart from a few blankets and magazines, there was nothing in it, and when I recently wanted to remove the drawers – and I didn't have to buy either of them – I wondered why I was There is none.

Yes, and then I pushed it, I wanted to cognize how the room works, I put my Ikea Vittsjö there for testing, I told my husband that I love him – I have to do it in the meantime because he is always very busy looks skeptical, I brush it for five minutes and then the whole living room with Bestås, Vittsjös. When I said it was full and had decorations on the floor to be on the secure side – and I decided I wanted Bestås Not Pushing back.

It was ordered four minutes later, four days later, and I think it's great: my modern one From the Hans Hansen media bankBy the way, everything is clearly reflected on its surface. You can almost say that there are now two waders….

Yes, and this is about commute, except for small plants: aren't the two small ones great?

To be honest, I have no idea what it is. I think I have tufts of grass on the outside, but I find it very cute and, above all, kind of cool, simple and light.

in particular H & M Home glasses*I turned into a flower pot and produced myself cuboidI look at her with great joy! And I'm a small curious to see what happens to you.

The large, large plant to the right of the modern media card is a sanseviera (hemp) and should be there because it does not require much light – further than a window. It looks good, doesn't it? I say, "Yes, I'm green right now …"

So I do the shop view and wish you a kind morning, day or evening – if you read this!

Sincerely yours,


Note; .: You can also take a look at the original potty before writing … Graeschchen is a gardening tool called Carex Brunnea. His name is probably more suitable for the outside world, but as long as he feels comfortable here, I will abandon him at home for the time being.

Buy looks

Living room mood - see shopping

Oh no, the lovely one Hummingbird Pillow It was sold at H&M Home in Hamburg two days later and I couldn't find it online!

UPDATE: Hummingbird Pillow* online again!

With this H&M toucan* but I think it's so kind … and the toucans are still modern hummingbirds!

1 move: Sandared floor mat Ikea*

2 side tables: Stanford from Denmark Bed Camp* (I sprayed black on it)

3 cups (I used it as a flower pot): H & M Home*

4 velvet cotton pillows: H & M Home*

5 pillows: H & M Home*

6 blankets: "Soft" from the warehouse*

7 wall tealight holder: For example POV from the menu. the most Connox*

8 candle holders black: Bruka design, e.g. my shop SORI HOUSE**

9 metal shelves: Vittsjö from Ikea*

10 bird objects: Shorebird from Normann Copenhagen, e.g. the most Connox*

11 floor lamps: Ypperlig from Ikea*

12 Large planter made of metal: H & M Home*

13 plants: Sanseviera (bow hemp)

14 pillows with edges: H & M Home*

15 canvas pillows: H & M Home*

16 picture frames: Lomviken from Ikea*, Image: Desenio "Down Water"

17 frames: Lomviken from Ikea*, Image: Desenio "emotions"

18 TV cards: Less H 17 from Hans Hansen, e.g. the most Connox*

19 Firewood basket made of felt (similar to me): HEY characters, e.g. the most Connox*

20 sofas – Similar to me: Tom Tailor, z. the most Home24*

stack: The fireplace, by the way Contura – We are hiding. We also built wood storage on the right.

Carpet: The carpet comes from Safavieh and is called Ava. e.g. the most Home24*

XL sofa anthracite - XL sofa

* Affiliate links, ie links – wherever you use them and shop with them – I obtain a small commission to help me run this blog. Due to the legal interpretation, this article may contain advertising that was created without cooperation.



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