13 great bags like Fjallraven Kanken (budget friendly!)


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If you ever want to buy bags like Fjallraven Kanken, you are not alone. There are many similar bags on the market that are as cute as the eye-catching fox logo, but not as expensive as the $ 100 bag for the Fjallraven Kanken. In fact, you can obtain almost identical bags from $ 25 to Fjallraven – the only thing you'll lose is the Fjallraven logo.

Before we look at bags that are similar to Fjallraven, let's take a closer look at Fjallraven's past to see why these bags work and are even justified. Fjallraven's origins date back to the 1960s when the brand was originally a company that offered a single backpack that promised to distribute weight more evenly across the shoulders and back.

This backpack is the pioneer of the famous Kanken bag and, in a revolutionary framework, the attraction of the founder as a 14-year-ancient boy in the 50s, which made it much lighter than competing bags. However, until the 1970s, Fjallraven did not publish the legendary Kanken bag, which is now aimed at children who are to be used as school bags.

13 best bags like Fjallraven Kanken (cheaper!)

Picture over Bright thoughts / Backpack, here

What differentiates Fjallraven from its competitors was the light design of the bag and the spacious interior. However, what really helped Fjallraven's success was the large number of color options that came with the bag – there was something for everyone, and the bag suddenly became a hit among teenagers, hipsters, and adults.

Since then, Fjallraven has looked like a house name – you need to go to your local hipster neighborhood in town to remember how popular it is. However, it's not cheap and it looks like you're paying more for the company's logo and legacy than for the actual functionality.

There are definitely other alternatives to Fjallraven Kanken that you should consider before buying the $ 100 backpack. So what are the top bags like Fjallraven? Let's take a look.

Herschel Supply Co. retreat infrastructure

Fjallraven Kanken like Mint Green Bagfjallraven kanken like pink bag

Bags like Fjallraven Kanken: Herschel Supply Co.

Check the current price and other colors on Amazon HERE (UNITED STATES) / HERE and HERE (United Kingdom)

Herschel Supply is a relatively modern company, whose name doesn't have much heritage. This is great because it immediately lowers the cost of the bags and sells them much cheaper than Fjallraven.

Herschel bags are made with functionality and fine details in mind and try to create products that are timeless in their brand design. Herschel Supply has many color options for most of its bags – some even conclude hot dogs, pizza, and Hawaiian dancers!


Sweet bags like Kanken

Bags like Fjallraven Kanken: Himawari

Check the current price and other colors on Amazon HERE (US)

He designs the Himawari bags in Japan, so you can only imagine how advanced the fashion is and how different some of their bags are! However, the bag that is most similar to Fjallraven is the College Vintage Travel bag, which perfectly mimics the aesthetics and functionality of Fjallraven Kanken.

This bag is available in many different colors and is only sold for a third of the price by Fjallraven. It is the great bag for school, university or even travel.


Check the current price and other colors on Amazon HERE (US)

The backpack design by LuckyZ strikingly resembles that of Fjallraven: Like some colors by Kanken, it is worn vintage and functional.

The dimensions are chic, the great bag for vacation or college – inside you can meet all your needs, including a laptop and books. This bag is top suited for carrying less than 6 pounds in total as the canvas of the bag is light and soft.

Hynes Eagle

Check the current price and other colors on Amazon HERE (US)

Hynes Eagle stands out from the other backpacks on this list as they are the only ones that take care of traveling business people. Admittedly, the bags can be carried by everyone, but are a bit more stylish than the average in design. However, the main advantage of this bag is that it is perfectly designed for all your daily needs: it has a separate pocket for a laptop, a side pocket for a water bottle and a large inner compartment for all your documents. should be moving.

The outer part of the bag looks almost exactly like Fjallraven Kanken and is available in many conservative colors.

Tom Klee

Check the current price and other colors on Amazon HERE (We and HERE (United Kingdom)

Tom Clovers produces various travel bags for women and men. This canvas backpack has a remarkable resemblance to Fjallraven Kanken, is minimal in design, is made of lightweight materials and is available in various cute colors.

The Tom Clover backpack is a practical solution for those who appreciate minimalism.

Modo is

Check the current price and other colors on Amazon HERE (UNITED STATES) / HERE (United Kingdom)

The Modoker vintage bag offers the most useful and modern bag on this list: With an external USB charging port and a built-in charging cable, this backpack offers a convenient way to charge your electronic devices on the go.

Unlike many bags on this list, the Modoker bag is made of nylon, which makes the fabric scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Bags like Fjallraven Kanken: Arbag

Check the current price and other colors on Amazon HERE (US)

At first glance, the Arbag has a design similar to Fjallraven, but it has a cool twist: you can carry the backpack normally or compress two straps to create a single belt bag and attach it to your shoulders. sweet!

The bag is available in a range of warm colors that can be easily combined with many different outfits. The various compartments of the bags make it simple to store all the necessary items.

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