10 glamorous makeup tips and tricks!


How do I apply eyeliner as a professional? How do you select a foundation? And many more questions …

Any questions that arise when you are a makeup addict or a debutant in the makeup world often go unanswered.

With a few tips and tricks, you don't have to be a professional to obtain great makeup!

It may take some time to fully seek the shape of your face, the colors that make us stand out, or the amount of product to use.

However, once you have technical knowledge, you will see how simple it is to highlight your assets and hide your mistakes.

Here are some tips and makeup tricks you might want to cognize beforehand!

Trick to keep your makeup on for a long time!
A small makeup riddle: how to avoid looking like a panda at the end of the day? Of course, there is no miracle recipe to stay in the "fleet" for 14 hours, but there are some tips that work pretty well.

Moisturize your skin
Moisturizing is the basis for makeup! In fact, if you apply a product directly to the face for the skin without moisturizing it, that product will "drink".
In short, applying a cream before applying the makeup creates a "barrier" when feeding between the product and the skin.

Lay a base
As the name suggests, the base prepares the skin for the make-up. It allows you to participate your skin, hide pores, in short, the foundation does an excellent job!

Repair makeup
This is a step that we rarely mention, and yet make-up proofreaders are lovely products. Basically, it is a spray that is sprayed after the make-up is finished to extend the duration. If you've never tested, give it a try.

Tip for applying mascara
Use a plastic spoon to apply mascara to your lower lashes. You avoid wearing difficult skin.

Concealer application tip
The trimmer is usually placed directly under the eyes. However, to completely remove dark circles, it's top to emphasize the wrinkles under the eyes and then darken the rest of the lower eyelid.

Trick to create the highlight of a view

After all, makeup is just a play of light. By highlighting certain areas, you can easily create the illusion of a more intense and deeper look.
Light shades (white, creams and pearls) should be applied to the inner corners in the middle of the eyelid and just below the bone of the tip of the outer eyelid.
Apply them first and then switch to your darker shades.

Cheat for blush application
To apply your blush properly, first determine the shape of your face. Blush not only makes you look lovely, it also defines the contours of your cheeks.
You can beautify or soften the facial features with your application method.

Tooltip to enlarge your view
This trick draws light and gives the illusion of a larger upper eyelid.
Use a light pink matte pen. Start at the inner corner of the upper eyelid and draw a line at the outer corner. and let's go

Eyeliner Tips
I think you keep on asking your friends if our glasses are flowing. Some eyeliner are more sensitive to it, especially those that are not waterproof.
However, I do not recommend using this type of makeup as it can be very difficult to remove.
Apply matt powder directly under the eyeliner so that the eyeliner does not work. This creates a barrier that prevents your eyelid from dropping.

Use a hair dryer in the eyelash curler
Use it for about 3-5 seconds. The heat works just like your hair straightener. You have curled eyelashes all day.

Lip exfoliating trick
Use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Use a homemade recipe by mixing sugar, honey, and coconut oil to really obtain the job done.

Bb cream homemade
It works together with a "genuine" BB cream and hides imperfections with a really natural look. Mix your favorite moisturizing lotion with a concealer.



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