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What worked in January?

Switch the hosting to Pressable

If you read my income reports for 2-3 months, you will cognize that something is wrong about hosting. Although everything was smooth before, my topic (Divi) had some updates that took things out of the water completely. At some point, I couldn't even post a blog post. Personally, my hosting problems were due to two things: 1) updates from Divi and 2) I got past my plan and there was "too much traffic" for it.

Since pressed – A premium hosting service that currently costs me $ 45 a month – expensive, but absolutely worth it. Pressing increased the speed of my website also I even earned about 40% on Google traffic. LARGE!

While still recommend Bluehost When you started modern bloggers that hit 100,000 page views per month, you probably went through your hosting process if you started with an affordable host. At this point, you should probably look at premium hosting. pressed, WP Engineor others.

Note: If you are in the middle of a busy phase, such as For example, a modern product launch for your blog, don't commute your hosting service. There are many things that can be wrong when replacing a host. So I decided to wait until the end of my busy period (November to December) before my transition period ended.

to go on vacation

Even though I didn't have a vacation in January (I was gone in the first week of February), I was still technically thinking about the vacation and pushed myself to complete the projects I started before my vacation.

Having at least a quarter of a vacation is definitely something I'm looking forward to more this year. Many entrepreneurs and coaches teach that the top way to structure your year (if you are responsible for your own hours) is to divide the year into quarters (about 90 days or less) and a week of vacation between them close.

In this way, you can set specific goals for each quarter. There is enough time to focus on a particular area of ​​your business, but not enough time to obtain sloppy. In my experience, this model works much better than setting annual goals. Usually, you can exaggerate or underestimate what you can achieve in a year. Therefore, I am a large fan of missions and goals for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. ,

Personally, I have seen that it is extremely important to take a week-long vacation. As an online entrepreneur, it is really difficult to obtain away from work on vacation. It is much easier to enter a peaceful state when you abandon your country or your country.

I took my laptop on vacation to Dubai just in case I was bored and wanted to work, but in the end I didn't do anything. I just rested and spent time with my mother, which was great.

Breaking up to 90 days a year is going to be really difficult since many holidays take place at very random times of the year and my friend is not there Completely responsible for some time. However, I will do my top to reserve at least 3 more weeks this year, and if there are more holidays it should be so ?

Now let's talk about traffic!

Page view: 135,301 (below 19% from last month)

Sessions: 100300

User: 89 933

E-mail subscribers: 2236 (+218, thanks) convertkit!)

I knew that my traffic would fill up in January because of December that A good month for traffic, but in reality I didn't hit it too difficult: only 20%. In addition, my Mediavine earnings were not terrible. In January

I earned $ 1,661.81 with Mediavine, which was much higher than Mediavine in January 2019, which was much higher than $ 442.62. There are several reasons for this, but increasing traffic is not the only traffic.

I also tweaked the settings in my Mediavine control panel and increased the number of ads my readers see. If you want to quickly increase your advertising revenue regardless of which ad platform you use, this is a sure way.

If you're wondering where I'm going most of my traffic is from Pinterest. There are two resources I recommend to be professional on Pinterest: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course Create and obtain started with my own eBook Explosive traffic with tribes,

What will I focus on in February?

Introducing products and services

I cognize I've added this to last month's income report, but I'm doing it again. This is my main focus in the first quarter. As mentioned above, I am starting an e-book on my Amazon Affiliates strategy, and although the book is finished, I would like to rewrite a few things and add more content.

There are some other blogs that I focus on and want to implement, for example my blogging planner / folder.

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