21 Flame Nail Ideas – The latest summer manicure trend


Flame nail art has become one of the hottest looks on nails. She is loved by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who have always influenced the essential nail trends. We think the flame nails are great because you can create very different looks with infinite nail colors. In addition, it can give your lovely manicures a trendy edge. There are several ways to create flame nail art. You can paint flames manually, use stencils or buy stickers. There are also many online flame nail art tutorials. That's why we've found 23 fun flame nail ideas that inspire you to design. There are vibrant colors, fine nail designs, and even sparkling looks. You can even recreate some of them at home. So, what are you waiting for ?! Take a look at this and apply a fiery make-up to your nails.

1. Fiery red flames

The first nail idea is fiery and stylish. Here we have bare nails with red flame art on each nail. This is an simple-to-wear version of the trend, as red is a classic nail color and complements the nude well. You can restore this mania or shine a small with a red glow.

Red flame nails

Source: @genevieve_beauty

2. Colorful flames with silver glitter

Speaking of glitter, this next mania shows a lovely and bold way of wearing glittering flame art. We have bare nails with colored flames for this look. Some are pink, others are blue. Only the outline is alive because the flame is colored with a silver sheen. As you can see, an attractive and stylish look is created. You can try something similar for outlines or use any color. Gold glitter can also be used.

Colorful flames with silver glitter

Source: @sheadbeauty

3. Naked nails with white flames

This next nail idea is one of our favorites because it's a stylish but edgy mania. Here we have shorter naked nails with white flames. We love the combination of white and nude, it is very stylish and simple to wear. Not only that, this version shows how great flames can look on shorter nails. Of course you can recreate the design on very long nails. You have the choice.

Naked nails with white flames

Source: @ madame.gels

4. Stunning black flame design

This idea is great for you if you want to wear the expression that makes nail art. This look has a light base color with eye-catching black flames on the top of the nails. It really stands out from the color under black flames and the result is very stylish and bold. You can use any color as a base because black is suitable for everyone. Pastel pink, purple, blue, yellow or white looked great.

Stunning black flame design

Source: @nail_saint

5.Thick neon nail art

Then there is a mania that combines two of the indispensable nail looks. This design has neon flames! Nails are shaped like a stylish coffin and commence naked, and nail art is attached to the ends. This time the flames are black-edged neon. You can recreate this or another view neon like pink or orange. This mania is great for summer.

Thick neon nail art

Source: @chaunlegend

6. Glittering flame nails

Give your look some sparkle and glamor with a flame craze like this. Each nail has a different design that includes flames, rose gold, glitter, and more. We love the colors used because brown, rose gold and gold look stunning together. This is a kind and stylish mania. You can try a similar look or just use one or two designs for all nails.

Glittering flame nails

Source: @nailsbykatrins

7. Pink and black flames

We love the next idea! We have long and bare nails here. It has black flame art in one hand and pink flame in the other. Different colored arts look very cool and colors complement each other. This is a trendy and unique idea and great for times when you can't decide which color to wear! Choose pink and black or any two colors.

Pink and black flames

Source: @sheadbeauty

8. Neon flame nails

Stand out from the crowd with such nails! Each nail is different and two types of flames are used to create the look. It's naked with nail ombre art from all hands, orange ombre with a dazzling flame, and both are gradient flames! You can buy dazzling flames for your nails online and find gradient nail art tutorials on YouTube.


Source: @nailsbykatrins

9. Bright orange flames

orange It is a great color for flames because it is stylish and the flames have orange tones in genuine life. How to wear orange beautifully. Here we have translucent nails with dark orange flames towards the tips. This is a mania that is suitable for everyone, trendy and simple to use. You can also animate the flames with orange shimmer.

Bright orange flames

Source: @sheadbeauty

10. Luminous Flame Mania

If you want to wear a lot of shine this idea is great for you! Here we have short nails covered with a shiny silver sheen. Orange and red flames were also added to the tips. We love it because it's so bold and the flames give an edge to the lovely glow. Recreate it or use a color flame with silver glitter. Black flames would look great.



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