Gingerbread truffle: alert in 15 minutes!


Are you making the great Christmas treat with just a few ingredients and even less time? With today's recipe, I'll show you how to make fast ginger truffles in about 15 minutes.

"Silent time" is mentioned at the latest on December 1st. He has not yet arrive to us ? V.a. The Christmas season with children takes some time until they are really "calm" and "thoughtful". What about you?

Ginger Truffles Quick recipe

In any case, today's recipe with precious December time is very economical. Small truffles are alert quickly. These are then with a cup of tea and then (short) Working in the kitchen can also take a break.

15-minute recipe: ginger truffle

Refined unsweetened truffles: ginger truffles

Gingerbread truffles: high-quality ingredients and fast preparation

All you need is a handful of quality ingredients and a good food processor. "Batter" truth for balls ruckzuck mixed together. Then the ginger truffles just roll quickly. And it's done!

If you want, you can top off half with cocoa and even obtain two varieties. Something more special with the genuine recipe truffles and the cocoa coating.

Quick Christmas recipes: ginger truffle # cooked healthy


Ginger truffles …

  • wonders if they spontaneously report ?
  • vegan
  • vigorously
  • without refined sugar
  • changeable

By the way, I have Meals in the picture homemade – without potter's wheel! Maybe a DIY project for next year? You can find the complete instructions here: Pottery plates and bowls,

Refined unsweetened ginger truffles: ready in 15 minutes!


  • 200 g palm, organic quality
  • 200 g almonds, finely ground
  • 1-2 teaspoons of ginger spice
  • 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder, sugar-free
  • 2/3 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons of quinoa, fluffy
  • Additional cocoa powder to roll (optional)



Grind the dates and roughly chop them in the food processor. Add all other ingredients (except quinoa) and chop until you obtain a crumbly mass.


Mix the quinoa (fluffy) with a spoon.


Roll the dough in portions so that about 25 balls can be made manually.


If desired, roll half of the balls in a small cocoa powder. (However, don't keep this variety airtight, otherwise cocoa powder will obtain wet – or roll up cocoa powder shortly before serving.)


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