17 hacks to create more storage space in bathroom cabinets


If you want to save more storage space in a small bathroom, don't ignore any space, including your space under the sink. In fact, it is the top storage space for toiletries. Mostly you will find this area under the sink ridiculously messy and messy. Because you have no plans yet on how to organize them all. Fortunately, many large bloggers have arrive up with a lot of exciting hacks to obtain more storage space in a bathroom cabinet. And you don't have to spend a lot. Many of these solutions only cost a few dollars! Wow!

1. Stackable wire boxes create more space under the sink:

Path: i athomewithnikki.co

2. Mount on the door hook or on a door cable to store more:

3. Store everything from vitamins to lotion to detergents with a large indolent susan (pickup):

It was determined: I mommysuite.co

It was determined: i maillardvillemanor.co

4. Place a 2-layer, expandable shelf under the sink to organize your toiletries:

5. Attach the command hooks to the cabinet hooks to hang the baskets for storing toiletries:

It was determined: i marialouisedesign.co

It was determined: I polishedhabitat.co

6. Use the space above the bathroom cabinets under the wire baskets:

See the tutorial: i craftsalamode.co

7. Attach the IKEA spice racks to the cabinet door to keep the basics for the bathroom:

It was determined: i simpleandseasonal.co

8. Follow all your bathroom requirements with transparent boxes in your closets:

9. Command image hanging strips can be used instead of command hooks:

It was determined: I polishedhabitat.co

10. Install these toothbrush organizers on the cabinet door so that children's toothbrushes are not visible and yet easily accessible:

For more information: i cleanandscentsible.co

11. If your detergents take up too much space on the bottom of your cupboard, attach a tie rod to hang up the bottles:

12. Sliding cabinet organizer can easily reach the toilet:

Place: I ironandtwine.co

13.Create a fake drawer in bathroom cabinets to hide hair styling tools:

See all instructions ==> i grayhousestudio.co

14. Create a vanity shelf for the bathroom cabinet so you can easily access your toiletries:

Check out the tutorial: i interiorfrugalista.co

15. Attach a shower stand to the cabinet door to store your toilet paper:

Path: i loulougirls.co

16. Add a cut shelf for the pipes in the closet:

Path: I housemixblog.co

17. Install a closet door organizer to store toiletries:

It was determined: abowlfulloflemons.net

It was determined: I mommysuite.co



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