Simple but cool 23 tattoo ideas with Roman numerals


We have all the dates that mean something special to us. Maybe a birthday, an anniversary, or a day when we remember someone we care about. A popular history design is Roman numerals. Roman numerals are a nicer and more unique (and stylish) way to have a tattooed story. Not only that, but it can also make the tattoo more personal, since many people don't cognize what Roman numerals are. People will only cognize what a tattoo means if you don't say it. To show how lovely these tattoos can be, we've found 23 of the top Roman numeral tattoos. Like small and lean tattoos or bold body art, you will find something that suits you.

1. Beautiful Roman numeral tattoo

The first tattoo idea we have to show you is very stylish and stylish. For this purpose, a Roman numerical pattern was placed on the upper part of the shoulder. A simple, sharp and lovely tattoo that fits everyone. They can have a similar design and use any date for numbers. It can also be created larger or smaller.

Roman numeral shoulder tattoo

Source: @arodinho

2. Finger tattoo with anniversary date

Every woman has a date, number or time that is important to her. This is usually an appointment or wedding anniversary, a lucky number, or a loved one's birthday. Why don't you remember permanently with a simple finger tattoo? The finger edge is a good fit because it is not always visible and is a small area so the tattoo is not that painful. If you are married, you can select a wedding ring instead.

3. Small tattoo idea

Next we have a very small and lean tattoo idea. For this design, small Roman numerals were struck on the back of the arm just above the elbow. It is a minimalist, trendy and lovely tattoo that can represent any special time in your life. A humble tattoo like this fits everyone and a similar design can be placed anywhere on the body.

Tattoo Ideas

Source: @katepokes

4. Flower tattoo with Roman numerals

If you are looking for a bold and lovely body trick, this tattoo might be great for you. There is a large back and shoulder tattoo with a trendy geometric design with lovely flowers and Roman numerals for the number 2019. It is a very stylish and unique tattoo. You can reproduce it or, if it's a year of birth, conclude birth flowers in the design for that year.

5. Trendy behind-the-ear tattoo

The next tattoo is also fashionable and pretty lean! Here we have a tattoo with Roman numerals tattooed behind the ear. As you can see, Behind the ear tattoo It looks very stylish and nervous. Not only that, it can be covered or displayed when you select it, which makes it a pretty understated thing. This is one of our favorite designs and you can even have a similar tattoo in a smaller font.

6. Aslan shelf with Roman numerals

Do you love animals and lions? If so, this idea might be great for you. This tattoo contains the king of the forest, who wears a splendid crown with a design of the Roman numeral. Leo can symbolize royalty, loyalty, trust and more. So it's a violent and stunning tattoo. Roman numerals can symbolize a story that is meaningful to you. Perhaps at a time when you feel strong or independent. The story can also be something special.

7. Roman numerals with arrows

Next we have a small and cute tattoo idea. This design shows Roman numerals for 2006 with an arrow passing through it. An arrow can symbolize power, independence, the direction you're heading, and more. Not only that, but can also represent the zodiac sign shooter, so such a tattoo would be great for people with this sign.

Arrowed Roman numerals

Source: not @cagridur

8. Geometric Roman numerals

The next tattoo design is very unique and one of our favorites. Here we have three sets of Roman numerals arranged in a triangle. We love this because the Roman numerals look fantastic and the geometric design is very stylish and edgy. Such a tattoo would be ideal for siblings or those with three children.

Geometric Roman numerals

Source: @tonyabong

9. Tattoo design with names and dates

If you're looking for a cute tattoo with a family theme, this might be great for you. This design has two names with two sets of Roman numerals. The tattoo is complete with hearts and arrows. It would be a good idea for parents who want to tattoo on their child's birthday, or a great design for siblings. You can recreate this tattoo or try other designs instead of hearts and arrows.

Family tattoo with roman numeral

Source: @arodinho

10. stylish rib tattoo

Rib tattoos have become one of the most popular parts of body art, and with such designs, it's no surprise. Here is a simple and stylish design with Roman numerals on the ribs. While the design is minimal with just symbols, it's astonishing and makes an explanation. This is a stunning tattoo that fits everyone. Try a similar design or smaller font.

Tattoo Art

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