Ten tips to brighten up rooms in winter


Have you ever been in a room and thought it was so dark and gloomy, just wanted to turn on a light? Those that are dramatic for a refined look that offers an intimate feel, almost like a cocoon, and those that are decorated with dark colors hide these tips to light them up when you need them most.

Replace the lamps

There is no doubt that the amount of light in a room can commute the ambience. Learn how to test lumens in LED lamps. 1600 lumens are as bright as a 100 watt light bulb,

Lamps can make a large difference in the amount of light in a room. Warmer light, the lower end of the Kelvin scale emits warmer light, which is very helpful at the end of a time when cold light may feel too difficult.

Many smart LED lamps can be controlled via smartphone apps to commute colors and obtain brighter lighting when you need them most. For those who are equipped with dimmer switches, these are now available for CFL and LED lamps.

Ten tips to brighten up rooms in winter

Set intimate tone

The next item on the list is to create an intimate, pleasant feeling. With the right lighting, candles and even artificial fires can illuminate a room in winter and create a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Many people like the aroma of scented candles for relaxation and often use lavender, vanilla, mint and other combinations to obtain the exact mood. For those who are concerned about the fire hazard, LED candles can be a safer option.

Breath deep

The aroma is often just enough to make a room feel warmer and more inviting. Some have many color commute options that are just as effective as other room lighting. Aroma chamber diffusers also provide more moisture when needed. Many diffusers also have night lights in different colors.

Cluttered and clean

Crowded, messy rooms feel lighter and bigger when you wrap and remove items to clean the surfaces. Polishing the surfaces until they shine and become elegant and dust-free also helps to reflect the available light. Make it a rule to seek shelter from the chaos of the rest of the world in at least one room of your house so that you always have a place to rest at the end of the day.

If you gradually expand this to other rooms, you may be surprised to find that it spreads to other areas of your life before the end of the year. Organize them for books, bills, tools, cables and other collections and make sure they reach their specific point. If possible, go digital for books, newspapers, magazines, and even take notes. Take a photo for your records and organize your cloud storage so you can find it when you need it.

Nature says with flowers

Nature also blooms in January and marks the renewal of life after death in winter. Even without a green thumb with fresh cut flowers and plants enjoy nature in its most lovely form. Enjoying simple thoughts about the perfection of the world can provide an immediate mood boost. Many believe that closing plants also improves their concentration and memory. Even if you need to keep memories on your calendars, it's worth watering them.

Ten tips to brighten up rooms in winter

Four fast ways to brighten up your home

To complete our list of ten tips, there are four fast ways to lighten rooms in the depth of winter. First, clean all the windows inside and out to ensure that all available light can reach the window. Second, install mirrors to develop natural light and lighting.

Then dig out these fairy lights and hold them for days until their cheerful flexibility is enough to pack them up next winter. The last tip for lighting your home is to keep a vacation board with all the places you want to visit and the things you want to do. My home, my lovely home is the great place to protect and make these dreams arrive true

Last thoughts

Enjoy the preparation of a hearty warm-up meal even in the deepest winter and remember all the small moments that you enjoy. Fresh popcorn can take shelter on the sofa to enjoy the style of a cinema. Snuggling up to read a book or just listening to relaxing music is a great way to enjoy dark nights. Creating small moments of happiness can make a difference in any room in the house without spending extra money.

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