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Owning a house takes a lot of work. In particular, if the property has an open area that needs servicing, the cost can be high. And of course everyone wants the patio or lawn to look good without spending a lot of money. For this reason, we have selected various garden ideas in this article to help you prepare and design your outdoor area. From the design of your lawn to decoration to landscaping and protecting the borders, these garden ideas can commute your garden immediately.

Beautify your space: Our preferred garden (design) ideas

Format grass

If your lawn looks a bit inconsistent or upset, there are two things you can do – invest in artificial turf or obtain your hands dirty.

Artificial grass is made from synthetic green blades of grass, which are available in different pile heights. It is generally used in gyms; Nowadays, however, it is becoming increasingly popular in residential buildings because it requires small maintenance. Cost artificial turf It is usually charged per square meter installed. The preliminary cost of artificial turf material and assembly can be high. After that, protection is free for the next 15-25 years (without your efforts). For protection, occasional brushes are required to avoid artificial grass, leaves, twigs and other debris from settling on the surface. The artificial turf looks good by occasionally washing the surface. However, please note that preparing the existing surface for artificial turf is a labor-intensive task.

However, if you opt for a genuine lawn and want it to obtain lush in spring, there are a few things you need to do. Test the floor first. You don't want to waste money trying to solve the wrong problem. A soil test is essential because it shows you exactly what your lawn is missing. Second, after examining the soil and figuring out what nutrients your garden needs, select a fertilizer. Adding the right fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season creates the basis for health and growth. Also use the resulting herbicides. They target weeds without the chance to germinate. Fourth, overfeed in spring to fill stains that have been particularly difficult hit in winter. Above all, select a quality seed. After spreading the seeds to the recommended density, water the grass twice a day until it has settled well. Finally, let your lawn grow. Leave about 5 cm of green to keep moisture in the soil and shade weed growth.

Plant lots of plants, but plan where to find them

If you want your open space to look lovely, you need to make sure it is full of life. However, planting is not always simple. Therefore, it is top to plan what and where to plant in advance. Shrubs and shrubs are ideal for framing. For example, use evergreen shrubs (like Chinese rose, golden dew drops, or hummingbird shrub) to punctuate at the end of each border and along the way. Add large evergreens like Mahonia for more important areas. Upon receipt, fill the frame with lovely, flowering plants. Buy different types of flowers and plant them in good sunlight. Water them often. Arrange them in repeating layouts to achieve a coordinated and harmonious effect. Fill your garden with perennials that return annually for a budget-friendly flower selection. Also consider whether you want to adapt the flower to your plaster selection. For example, the gray-white stone looks great with purple-white flowers, and the silver terminate looks great with colors like red, orange, and yellow.

Also consider cultivating companions. Group flowers and vegetables in the same beds Saves space and increases your efficiency. It also attracts more pollinators and makes plants happy.

Beautify your space: Our preferred garden (design) ideas

Create a comfortable seating area

After a long, exhausting week, you should sleep in the sun, sip your morning coffee in a comfortable garden chair, or host a garden party for your friends. If you want to set up simple benches made from recycled pallets or if you want to invest in a soft garden sofa, you absolutely have to create a relaxing seating area in your garden. When you're alert for creative and low-maintenance ideas, hang up the garden bench or add a simple wooden and iron park bench painted in your favorite color. If space permits, you should also obtain a table. Remember to estimate enough space for each person to sit comfortably. Cover the area with large terracotta or plastic growers that are overflowing with tomatoes and wildflowers. You can turn cheap galvanized steel tubs into growers of basil or rosemary crops.

Get creative with garden ornaments

Ornaments give a landscape a modern dimension and give your garden a year-round charm. You can determine how you design and use your open space, how you feel when you are in the house, and give your garden a great look for four seasons.

Add Light – Lights are an essential feature for creating an atmosphere in your garden. No matter whether it is dotted fairy lights or lanterns to create a garden path, the lights you select give your room a genuine character. If you can afford it, consider well-placed electric lights that illuminate trees.

Place a garden fountain – With the garden fountain you can create an oasis in your garden. Bowl and cascade fountains create a quiet place to relax while listening to the water flow. Outdoor water fountains are also an important point in the gardens. However, keep in mind that you need to carefully plan the area to add a fountain.

Pond goose – A pond can be an incredible asset to any garden. It takes time and effort, but ultimately it is the most important animal trait you can have. Over time, you can add some flowers, water lilies, and fish to the area. You can even shoot some useful insects, frogs and turtles.

Get a bird bath – A bird bath looks exceptional near trees. Not to forget, it's fun to see how it attracts a variety of bird species.

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