23 stylish ways to carry 2 lures in braids

Feed with braids is one of the most popular protective styles. There are many reasons for this, and some of them look more natural and act like a cornice. Not only that, but also these braids can be formed in many different ways. We found 23 great ways to wear 2 baits in braids to inspire your hair. These styles have added two long braids with funky patterns and colors. There are also some simple and elegant versions. If you haven't already, you'll love these styles to the fullest. There is a hairstyle for every taste and you can try them all! Read and take a look!

1. Feed with 2 side braids

First, we have two chunky feeds in braids with smaller side braids. Smaller side braids are such a stylish and edgy model that they contribute to an otherwise simple style. With such a stylish look and the top of everything, this braided hairstyle will look great on everyone. You can try a hairstyle like this or use smaller braids and add another one if necessary. It will look great too.

Feed with 2 braids on the side

Source: @leaders_beauty

2. Feed with 2 criss-cross braids

Another pattern that looks stylish with this type of braid is Criss Cross. Do not just rely on our word, but also look at the following style. As you can see, the hair is divided into two long and stylish braids that have a cross pattern on both sides. A very kind pattern. You'll find online braid tutorials that will show you how to create the look.

3. Braid ombre feed

We love this next hairstyle. Here we have two long and simple feeds in braids. These braids commence out black and then turn into a light brown shade that creates a trendy ombre look. The color commute looks very kind with this type of braid and makes the ombre hairstyle unique. You can recreate this version or select any color for ombre, from more natural shades to bright colors like blue.

4.Two braids with loose curls

The next hairstyle is lovely! This look has a stylish braid lining that becomes curly and curly hair halfway. Curls look very kind with braids and with such a hairstyle you obtain the top of both worlds. You can also wear braids and loose hair. This is a stunning hairstyle and you can see a short video showing how this look was created on the Instagram page below the picture.

5. Simple and stylish 2 baits in braids

If you need simple and stylish hair to wear, this is the idea for you. Here we have two simple and trendy braids. Most of the hair on the head is straight except for the braided front part. We also love the separation created. Such hair suits everyone and is versatile, so that the style can be worn up or down for any occasion.

Simple and stylish 2 feeds in braids

Source: @ 1755Braids

6. Stunning butterfly braids

Are you looking for a hairstyle for a special occasion? If so, this idea is great! The hair has been made stunning for this look butterfly braids, So there are two feedings in the braids in front of the hair and they run behind the head. Loose parts of the braids are worn on the side as a braided ponytail. This hairstyle is decorated with gold cuffs. It will be a lovely hairstyle and delight at parties or other events that you want to impress.

7. Knit chunky feed

Next we would like to show you a simple and elegant hair idea. This time, the hair is shaped into two chunky braids with a side braid. So it's like a finer version of the side knit style that we showed you earlier. Hair like this marks all boxes – it looks lovely, is simple to carry, and will fit everyone. There are also some additional colors that actually revitalize the hair.

8. Multi-braid hairstyle

The next hairstyle has a different multi-braid look. For this, the hair is shaped into two lovely braids with a smaller braid on the side. A kind and trendy idea. This style looks fantastic effortlessly. If you want a richer version, you can add some ombre color. You can even add more side braids.

9. Ghana Braids Statement

This hairstyle is one of our favorites! There are chunky baits in braids in which the hair is curly and curly. These Ghana braids are also decorated with gold cuffs and cords. This is a statement to make a hairstyle, and the placement of braids is surprising. This hair is great for women who love to be brave!

10. Stylish braided pattern

You can be as lean or bold as you like with your braided patterns. If you want to take everything out with your hair, this idea is great for you! This look consists of two long braids with a stylish symmetrical pattern on the head. Braids are also accessories with golden cuffs. A lovely and unique hair idea that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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