23 adorable acrylic nail designs you will love

Are you fed up with your nails and do you think they should play jazz? Or have you always opted for a similar design and are now tired of your manicure? If that sounds like you, this is the place to be! Today we're going to show you a list of cute acrylic nails. There are butterflies, ombre nail designs, rhinestones and much more. Take a look at this and obtain your great and stylish nails from boring and boring. There is something for everyone and nail designs for every occasion!

1. Sweet acrylic nails

First of all we want to show you these super cute butterfly nails. Most nails are simply pink and two of the nails have butterfly nail art. These nails are shiny and very stylish. You can recreate this manicure or use different colors, purple would be kind. If you want to try the design yourself, you can hand-paint the butterflies or buy nail stickers. You can find butterfly nail art tutorials online.

Cute pink butterfly nails

Source: @chaunlegend

2. Pink and white coffin nails

Next we have a kind and elegant nail idea. This manicure has pink and white nails with two accent motifs. One accent nail is covered with pink and silver glitter and the other is light pink with silver butterflies and some glitter. This is a stunning nail design that is great for a special occasion. You can recreate this look or just try white nails with butterflies. This design is our favorite!

3. Neon pink and yellow nails

Give your look a modern color with these vibrant acrylic nails. Here we have stiletto shaped nails and each nail has a different design that uses neon colors. Some nails are smooth, one nail shimmers, the other is ombre, and other nails are decorated with rhinestones. This is a bright and fun look. Recreate these nails or use a different neon color combination.

4. Stylish cherry nails

This next idea is one of our favorites. These nails are characterized by a stylish French ombre with red glitter and cute cherry nail art. We love the cherry pattern because it is fun and gives the nails a vintage look. You can buy cherry nail templates and stickers online to create a similar manicure yourself.

5. Metallic ombre nails

If you like ombre nail art, you should check out this next idea. Here we have glamorous nails that commence naked and end magically mineral purple shade. This is a lovely and bold manicure that suits everyone. Just keep it that way, or you can liven up your nails with a few rhinestones!

6. Fun Fruit Nails

Then we have a very sweet, funny and unique nail idea that we can show you. These nails are long and coffin-shaped. Each is painted in a light, peach-colored hue and covered with fruit! There are oranges, strawberries, lemons and much more! Nails like this are great for summer. If you want to regenerate such nails, you can buy nail stickers online.

Sweet fruit nails

Source: @zack_pn

7. Stylish nails with clear tips

Are you looking for trendy and stylish nails? If so, this idea might be great for you. Nails are a stylish light shade and the tips are clear with a colorful pattern. This is a very sweet nail idea and also has different nail tendencies. You can recreate this mania or use a similar idea with different colors. In any case, your nails will look lovely.

Stylish nails with clear tips

Source: @sheadbeauty

8. Pink nails with hearts

The next nail idea is kind and cute! We have light pink nails here and also two accent designs. One accent nail is covered with glitter and the other has a lovely love heart pattern. Such nails, date night or Valentine's Day, You can buy such hearts online, or you can paint hearts on your nails by hand.

9. Bright and Flower Nails

Give your look a special touch with nails like these! These nails are light pink and some nails also have a vibrant pink and yellow gloss color. Some of the nails are also decorated with rhinestones or flowers. This is a cute and simple to wear look that fits everyone. You can create a similar design for any nail length and shape.

Cute pink acrylic nails

Source: @zack_pn

10. Light pink nails with rhinestones

Next we have a stylish and eye-catching nail idea. For this look, most nails are decorated with a light shade of pink, a nail with shimmering pink, and the rest with light rhinestones. The colors are lovely and the stones are really glamorous as a mania. Such nails fit every occasion, and you can recreate this look or select more neutral colors. In any case, your nails will be lovely and expressive!

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