As I blogged this month: December Revenue Report


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proof of income

Here are a few screenshots from my accounts. There is too much to conclude them all!

Mediavine result screenshot:

Amazon US & UK screenshot:

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon USA and UK – $ 1,904.76

Amazon Ca and Europe – $ 44.82

hosting – $ 1,260

Reward style * – $ 288.02

Affiliate marketing sense – $ 142

Six-figure blogger – $ 118.80

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche – $ 59.10

Bluchic – $ 61.22

Divi – $ 44.50

Affiliate revenue Millenial Money Talk (my investment blog) – $ 243.08

Ultimate packages – $ 205

Other affiliate commissions – $ 131.54 (incl. Auas, Shareasale, Ezoicload style Trend stock community & More)

Total affiliate income: $ 4,491.46

* RewardStyle commissions are incorrect and are subject to commute before they are paid out. As a rule, there will be a refund and these have not yet been announced. This doesn't have much of an impact on the total, but it varies.

Display advertising

Mediavia too – $ 3,145.92

(please refer Use display ads to make money)

Youtube – $ 269

Total advertising revenue: $ 3,414.92

Own products

Millenial Presets, Explosive traffic with tribes & #sponsored – $ 458.35

Total sales: $ 8,364.73


WeWork Office$ 725 (£ 555)

Youtube ads = $ 174 (originally $ 240, but I received a £ 50 voucher)

convertkit: $ 40.33 (annual payment)

Tailwind: $ 40 (annual fee, I have SmartLoop & Tribes Unlimited options)

hosting: $ 25

sendowl: $ 15

Several. Spending = $ 26 (Including Gsuite, Canva, AWS, DefinitiveDN)

Total spending: $ 1,045.33

* Taxes and PayPal / Stripe fees are not yet included.

Income after expenses: $ 7,319.4

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What worked in December?

Display advertising

Display advertising was my highest source of income for the second month in a row. In December, the rpm are highest all year round. This means that you will earn a lot more than just traffic in other months. In addition, I’ve been able to increase my pageviews by 35% to 167,000 since November, further increasing my ad revenue.

Use Pinterest trends and create a large amount of content

Started since the 4th quarter Seasonal Pinterest trends to increase my pageviews and advertising revenue. Seasonal content includes holidays and events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and more. In the period up to December All of my content It was about Christmas and New Year. And there was a lot of it – I posted a modern blog post every day. (I created Easter content in advance because I knew January would be pretty busy and I wouldn't have enough time!)

If there is no traffic on Pinterest, I have strongly We also recommend that you try this strategy. I post modern blog posts about Pinterest trends every month on my blog and mailing list. So be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter to be notified when modern Pinterest trends are released.

What didn't work out in December

Divi / hosting problems

I've talked about these issues Last month's income report and frankly there's nothing modern to report. I will commute my hosting in January to see if it fixes my problems.

My dropshipping shop / I have too many blogs

I've been trying dropshipping for a few months. If you are not familiar with dropshipping, this is a business model where you deliver cool products. Ali Express and you can sell them on your website for a profit. I could make $ 50-200 in my store every month, but in the end I decided it wasn't worth it and closed the website.

The reason was that there was a lot of work for what it was. I received dozens of emails from customers asking for the location of their parcels, and at the end of the day I felt like I was a customer service assistant. Two more blogs (Chic Pursuit and Millenial Money Talk) a lot less work and after all very passive,

In the end, I thought it would be a better idea to obtain rid of the project and focus all my energy on this blog. So far it has been paid! I'm still happy I tried dropshipping because that's something I've wanted to try for a few years.

Now let's talk about traffic!

Page view: 167.234 (up 35% from last month!)

Sessions: 127 619

User: 115 168

E-mail subscribers: 2019 (+381, thanks) convertkit!)

Wowza! I knew December traffic would be heavy, but I didn't expect it to be that high. In December, I set myself the goal of generating 150,000 pageviews, and I'm happy to say that I completely exceeded the goal. Most of the modern traffic that came in December was seasonal and affected Christmas and New Years. I wrote about 20 articles for Christmas and New Year, and some had a lot of traffic. As you can see in the graph, my traffic dropped sharply just after Christmas.

Started since the 4th quarter Seasonal Pinterest trends to increase my pageviews and advertising revenue. This is a strategy that I can do strongly We recommend you to follow. I publish a modern post on Pinterest trends every month. So be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter to be notified when modern Pinterest trends are released.

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What will I focus on in January?

Market launch of products and services

My main goal in January is to propose some products and services that I have left aside for a few months. The products are finished and even have customer reviews, but I have to create sales pages for them and create a marketing plan. 2 products are now available: a planner (3 different colors) and an e-book.

I have also been asked about blog coaching and Pinterest coaching and will install them as soon as possible. Basically, all I have to do is create a sales page and set prices (and inquire for reviews from previous customers).

I also want to create a modern Pinterest course with videos that starts planning after all other work is done.

Pinterest continues to profit from trends – (ie publish modern blog posts as often as possible)

Writing about 20 blog posts per month wasn't my original plan in January, but so far the trends on Pinterest have worked so well that it would be a shame not to post as many blog posts as possible. Advertising revenue in January is not as high as in December, but has not decreased very for the most part.

With my current traffic, I should be able to earn about $ 1,200 in ad revenue in January, which motivates me to work as difficult as possible on modern blog posts. Oh, and I also did most of my writing in December before going on vacation. So there are about 30 blog draft postings on my dashboard nearly alert to be published.

What I don't do in January – Youtube

I had large plans to create more YouTube content in January, but honestly, looking at my schedule and workload, I can't see how this can be done. So he has to wait until he has completed major tasks on my to-do list.

That's it from me this month! Since we were at the "New Year, New Me" time of the year and everyone had decided, I wanted to set a modern blog goal after reaching my previous income goal this month. My blog goal for 2020 is to earn $ 112,000 for my blogs. My personal goal is to be a better friend, to spend more time with friends and to actively find modern friends. I feel like I'm very focused on working in 2019. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I definitely want to develop a routine in which I stopped working at 5-6, and I've seen my friends since.

The sales target of $ 112,000 is kind of an arbitrary number, but if I fall below the target, I anticipate that I can reach six numbers

For 2020, I would like to cognize your blog goals and personal goals. If you've set goals that you'd like to share, let me cognize in the comments below!

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