Try 40+ cute colorful Easter nail art designs as soon as possible


Is there a better way to obtain into the festive spring mood than when Easter is around the corner and eating a sweet, Easter-inspired manicure? No matter if you are chick, egg, rabbit or just looking for simple pastel nails and sweet nails, in this article you will find many different nail arts.

I went ahead and selected the most eye-catching nail designs for acrylic nails and natural nails from the top nail technicians on Instagram and Pinterest. If you want to see more of their designs, check their portfolios from the links I provided!

I've kept the top to the fullest (# 39 is my favorite – very cute!). So slide all nails before deciding on your next manicure.

Now we arrive to the top Easter quotes!

1. Playboy Rabbit

Image source: @ nails just nailss

2. Pastel great

Source: pinterest

3. Happy Rabbit

Image source: @ Nieczyteln too

4. Polka Dot Pastels

Image source: @Nails from Jema

5. Pink rabbits

Image source: @galina_schastlivcev too

6. cute character nails

Image source: @ _hannahweir_

7. Surveillance rabbit

Image source: @the stil_r

8. Glow Touch

Image source: @ unghiegel.ıt

9 – pastel pastels

Source: pinterest

10. Pastel beauty

Source: pinterest

11. Egg Cell Chick Nail Art

Image source: @Nails from Jema

12. Shine Pink

Image source: @Karissa Bianco

13. Polka Dot Rabbit

Image source: @ Nails from Ic

14. Paint like a rainbow

Source: pinterest

15. Candy colors

Image source: @ skazka.nails

16. Pink Candy Cane

Image source: @Love nails only

17. Fluffy rabbit

Image source: Eeek Nail Polish.com

18. Rabbit tips

Image source: @melon polish

19. Put some foil on it

Source: pinterest

20. Happy spring designs

Image source: @the Xnailsbymir

21. Daisy nails

Image source: @ Nail fox

22. Glitterati

Image source: @ nails_by_charli too

23. Chick x spots

Image source: @ Mrs. J. Jan

24. Pastel ombre

Image source: @Nails from Jema

25. Shades of pink

Image source: @_hannahweir_

26. Long and strong

Picture about: shining_claws

27. Rabbit surveillance

Image source: @Professional nails

28. Light bum

Image source: @Niloufar nail

29. Fun and colorful

Image source: @Karissa Bianco

30. Everything is in the details

31. Cute cartoon nails

32. Light pink

Image source: @With Nailz Attitude

33. Beautiful pastels

Image source: @nbnailart

34. Find the rabbit

Image source: @the dorottyanailsalo

35. Rabbits and butterflies

Image source: @Nails by Mike808

36. Pastel Easter

Image source: @nail_art_by_soph

37. Peekaboo

Image source: @nailsbyj game

38th Easter Princess Quotes

Image source: @Nailciss too

39. Love me

Image source: @ann_ko90

40. key buttons

Image source: @Nails IC

41. Easter pattern nails

Image source: @ My Poland world

42. Crack Em Up

Image source: @Maja Markowicz

43. Just released

Image source: @New shine

44. Splashes of paint

Image source: @Nails from Jema

Which of these quotes will try this Easter? Let me cognize in the comments!



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