25 fantastic black and white wallpapers for iPhone (free download!)


Are you looking for great black and white iPhone wallpapers with lovely landscapes and artistic locations? Then you are right here! Whether you are looking for the black and white wallpapers of the Eiffel Tower or for New York in their original size, for snow-capped mountain peaks, for aesthetic palm trees or for simple artistic photographs of everyday life, you will find them all here.

Below I have listed over 25 great wallpapers that will help you depict the artist and imagine the routine of everyday life. All of these wallpapers can be downloaded for free!

You can save the background image as many times as you want. It can be difficult to select only the one you cognize!

To save wallpapers for your background:

On mobile devices : Hold and save the image or save the screenshot.

desktop : Right-click to save, save in your downloads and bark on your phone, or send an email to yourself to save on your phone.

25+ Black and White Wallpaper Ideas for iPhone

Eiffel tower

Flatiron building

Black and white New York

Black and white pattern

B&W palm trees

Cliff in the fog



Eiffel tower

bird's-eye view

Rocky beach

Black and white mountain peak

New York skyline

S&B streets

Sharp mountain hills

Stormy Paris

B&W Rainy Journey

State of mind in NYC

Big Ben in the dark

look at that

Fingerprint motif

S&B palm trees

Moonlight city scratches

Quiet sea view

Gold door

Empire State of Mind

Which of these pictures will you use as the background for your phone screen? Let me cognize in the comments!

Keep in mind that you can save as many wallpapers as you want – there is no restrict, and I cognize that it can be difficult to make a decision!

Note; Save this post on Pinterest. So if you want more backgrounds like this in the future, you can refer to them again later!



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