23 sexy leg tattoos you want to copy

You want a modern tattoo but you don't cognize which design to select? If so, this place is for you. Today we found the 23 top tattoos for women. The leg is a very popular place to obtain ink because you can select your thighs, calves, knees and even your entire leg. With plenty of room to work, you can select almost any design. You can be as brave or lean as you want. Check it out and obtain inspiration from tattoos. There is a tattoo for everyone and the only decision you have to make is which of these astonishing tattoos you want to recreate.

1. Beautifully patterned leg tattoo

We have done the difficult work to find the top leg tattoos for women. The first tattoo we have to show you is a beautifully patterned design. This tattoo starts just below the knee and ends at the foot. It therefore occupies the entire shin area. The design includes gemstones, charms, mandala patterns and more. It's a striking piece of body art, and it's important to cognize that tattoos in the shin can be more painful than other parts of the leg.

Beautiful patterned leg tattoo for women

Source: to @anais_chab

2. Sun and moon tattoo idea

Sun and moon tattoo designs are very popular and you can see why with body art like this one! It features a tattoo-patterned sun and crescent moon with dangling charm and gemstones. It has a great thigh tattoo and it will look great on everyone. You can recreate it or try another one Sun and moon design, maybe thinner or a small small.

3. Magnolia blossom

If you like flower tattoos this idea is great for you. Here is a watercolor magnolia flower hammered on the shin. A magnolia blossom is not only lovely, it can also symbolize things like love and joy. You can try a similar tibia tattoo or place this motif on another part of the leg like the thigh.

4.Stylish wolf tattoo

This next tattoo is very stylish and unique. There is a wolf in the design. Half of the wolf is exactly what you would expect and the other half is made up of flowers. We love this tattoo because the flower side of the wolf looks stunning. It can also symbolize not only your strong and independent side, but also your feminine and happy side. Maybe a balance between the two. Try a similar design or you can only have a whole wolf.

5. Unique leg tattoo idea

Are you looking for an unusual tattoo that is distinctive and unique? If so, give it a try. We have a tattoo around the knee here. The tattoo covers the knee area and goes around the knee. Wow, that's a kind tattoo. The patterns look great. You can recreate this or move the tattoo along the leg. This is one of our favorite physical arts.

6. Calf patterned tattoo

Another popular leg tattoo is a calf tattoo. This next idea is a great example of the type of design you can have. The tattoo has a mandala pattern with an arrow-like design and dotted patterns on the outside. A unique and stylish tattoo. If you want a bolder body part, you can recreate it or opt for a smaller version.

7. Botanical bracelet tattoo

Then we will show you a trendy botanical tattoo. The design has a stylish leaf pattern that is hammered around the leg like a ribbon. We like it because the leaf pattern seems to be wrapped around the leg, of course. You can try the botanical tape in this part of the leg or pull it higher towards the thigh.

8. Beautiful cat tattoo design

We already shared a patterned tibia tattoo on the post. If you like this design, you should check it out. There's another patterned tattoo here, but it also has a pretty blinking cat. It is a very cool tattoo and the cat has a mystical feeling. If you love cats and unique tattoos this is great for you.

9. Amazing full leg tattoo idea

There are different areas where you can make a tattoo on the leg. However, if you want to go out at all, your entire leg can be tattooed. This is an incredible example. As you can see, the leg was hit from the thigh to the ankle. The design includes a parrot, flowers and more. Wow, that's a stunning tattoo. Body art like this is for those who are alert for such lifelong engagement. You can recreate it or try your own design. Think of it as an arm so you can be as creative as you want.

10. Beautiful and ugly inspired tattoo

This next tattoo is a must for Disney fans. Here's a hip tattoo inspired by Beauty and Beast. The design includes a magical mirror with a picture of Beast and Belle inside. There are roses out there. It's a lovely piece of body art and you can try something similar or create a leg tattoo based on your favorite Disney film.

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