23 super cute Valentine's Day decorations


Almost here on the most romantic occasion of the year. Right, we're talking about Valentine's Day. Well, we're sure you're thinking about romance, candy, and gifts, but have you thought about decorations? Whether you love the occasion or want to impress someone, there are many great ways to decorate your home. We found 23 Valentine's Day decorations that show how great and entertaining the decor can be. For those who like to go out, there are DIY projects, fine decoration ideas or decorations. Take a look and your home will soon be full of hearts, romance and love.

1. Sugar inspired garland

The first Valentine's Day decoration we want to show you is very cute and fun. We have a felt wreath here that is inspired by sugar. Garland has live balls and small hearts like candy that you can buy. Such a wreath can be hung anywhere in your home and bought before the day comes. You can find more information on the following Instagram page. We love it!

Wreath inspired by sweets

Source: @maeberrydec is

2. Cute kissing booth sign

Signs are another simple way to decorate your home. You can hang them on the wall, put them on shelves, fireplaces and more. The next character is great for Valentine's Day. A small sign that you can see in a kissing hut. You can even keep this mark as part of your decor after the day has passed. This brand can be purchased on the following page.

3. Stylish living idea

Maybe you need suggestions on how to decorate a room in your home. If so, you should see this idea. Here we have a lovely room with elegant and romantic Valentine's Day decorations. Have hearts, pink candles, be my pillow and more. As you can see, you can design the room completely differently by simply adding small elements to the associated colors. This type of decor would be ideal for a bedroom or living room.

4. Glittering heart pillows

Another way to add fun and romance to a room is with the pillows! You can buy pillows with all different Valentine's Day themes. We love the following. This sofa is decorated with three heart pillows. They all shine and are either pink and fluffy or bright red or gold. As you can see, they look very cute! You can find such pillows online, and you can also place similar pillows in your bedroom.

5. Hang paper hearts

Then we have a creative decoration idea. We have paper hearts here. They look like a white 3D hanging picture. However, we believe that you can be inspired to create your own Valentine's Day decorations. You can use some red and pink cards, cut these hearts and make wreaths. Maybe you do a lot to hang around your house. You can make a heart mobile to create a mobile photo background, or you can even hang a lot of hearts on a white background. The ideas for hanging paper hearts are endless!

Valentine's Day wreath

A wreath is associated with Christmas, but you can wear it on any occasion. Here's an example inspired by Valentine's Day. The wreath itself is made of rattan, so it has a natural look and is decorated with dark pink and red Be My Valentine Bow. It will look very cute inside or out. You can buy feathers by clicking on the following Instagram link and going to the Etsy stores. Rattan wreaths can be bought online or in artisan shops.

7. Love wall decoration

The next idea is so cute, funny and unique. Here is a love wall decoration. Love word written in large and bold letters on whiteboard. There is a lovely wreath-style section on one side of the shield. It is a stunning decoration and you can hang it on the wall, on the doors or even on shelves and more. You can buy it by clicking on the link below. For a finer decoration that can be kept all year round, simply try to make the wooden part yourself.

8. DIY bottle idea

If you like crafts and DIY decor, you should see this next idea. Here are the bottles for Valentine's Day. Depending on the situation, four bottles are painted and decorated. They all have letters that spell love and & # 39; it & # 39; is a flower. They are fun and simple to create. You can also recycle ancient bottles. Rebuild them or try your own design. You can even use them as vases.

DIY bottle idea

Source: @ kathyromano11

9. Nice living room decor

Then we have another kind way to decorate your home for Valentine's Day. It is a living room. As you can see, small hearts, flowers, pink candles and much more are hanging. This is a very kind and stylish way to decorate. Something like that would also be great for a special Valentine's Day date.

10. Valentine's Day book covers

If you have a large number of books or just want to decorate Valentine's Day, this idea is for you. Here are the covers of the Valentine's Day books. As you can see, some caps are pink and some are white. Each is decorated with a title on love. This is just a unique and lovely way of decorating. You can buy and print them out by clicking on the link below. You can insert these envelopes into existing books and only remove them when the day is over.



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