9 ways to create a shabby chic style for interior

Shabby chic is one of the most interesting furnishing styles. The combination of wear and antique pieces creates an interesting, ancient charm in your home. The question is: how can you restore this style without making your house look ruined?

Creating a shabby-chic look means combining vintage elements in your interior in a balanced way. Here are some ways to combine ancient styles without creating confusion.

Include Flea Market Discovery

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Flea market products are a great addition to shabby-chic spaces. Distressed looking wooden furniture will instantly create a shabby chic tone in a living room or bedroom. You can repair damaged parts and clean furniture, but wear and tear remains to create a unique look for your home.

The seek for a flea market is not just about large furniture such as cupboards and chairs. Cake plates, cupboards, jelly cabinets and ancient bar trolleys give your home vintage charm.

Use cotton and linen

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Cotton and linen are the most popular types of fabrics that fit into a shabby home. The most common colors are white, cream, pastel and unbleached linen. You can add these types of fabrics to the room as curtains, tablecloths, sofa cushions, sofa covers and other upholstery. Don't be afraid of an elegant, feminine look with lots of fabric.

Contain antique lamps

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Illuminating lights add light and visual elements. When choosing a lamp, try to stick to antique styles. In the middle is an antique chandelier, followed by antique table lamps and a lantern-style shell. Although modern furniture stores are now selling modern lights with an "antique" look, you can seek for antique lighting fixtures at the flea market.

Use decorative frames and mirrors

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Complex decorative frames are great for decorating your photos or murals. By adding a mirror with a decorative frame, you can give the wall an antique but eye-catching look. Even if you buy a small mirror, an antique mirror is very eye-catching. Wearing a mirror also creates the illusion that the room is larger than reality.

Use pastel colors

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You can use your favorite colors as a color scheme for your home. However, some designs prefer certain colors to achieve the desired appearance. Pastel colors dominate a variety of interior styles, including shabby chic. You can commence with white as the base color and slowly add more pastel colors. Choose a color as the main scheme and add more colors in smaller quantities.

For example, you can select peaches as the main color scheme. Use it as the dominant color scheme. To add interesting details, highlight the peach with pastel pink and green.

Natural elements and splice materials

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The shabby-chic style often contains parts of nature in its elements. You can achieve the effect by adding houseplants. Be creative with planters by attaching floating shelves to the wall to hold small planters. You can also hang plants in hanging baskets or in glass growers.

You can also add a “natural” part to the material. Bamboo, wood and woven grass are fabulous additions to any room. They add a small rustic element that goes well with the shabby-chic aesthetic.

Add vintage decorations and accessories

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Finally, fill in the blanks with ancient decorations and accessories. A classic tea service on a silver tray, a lovely, functional decoration for a living room. An ancient milk jug or a small watering can can serve as a unique flower vase. Place linen napkins on the table and vintage glassware in a glass door cabinet.

Balance the look

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The key to creating a shabby chic look without spreading the space is a balanced relationship. If you can't find it, you don't need to buy used furniture because the look of many modern pieces of furniture is depressing. Keep walls and floors lean with neutral or soft colors. When decorating a room, simply select the most remarkable parts that really enhance the spot.

Combine shabby chic floral patterns

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Shabby chic typically includes vintage-style floral patterns. You can enclose them in pillow cases, pillows or carpets. If you want to place patterns on the walls, reduce the patterns in other parts of the room.


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You need a balance between ancient and modern to create a shabby-chic look. Distressed furniture, vintage accessories, cotton and linen fabrics and soft colors are the key to a shabby-chic look. Create a cozy and comfortable home by choosing furnishing styles that look like shabby chic but are worn out.

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