23 trendy bubble ponytail hairstyles to try in 2020


Bubble ponytail has become a must! These trendy updos were worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne. This is a fun ponytail with a twist because we love the hairstyle and ponytails also wearable for every occasion. There are many different ways to create the style, but usually you'll put your hair in a ponytail and then use the hair ties to create sections along the ponytail. You then have to open each section to add volume. You can find many tutorials online for all different versions of horsetail. If you like this ponytail or haven't heard of your hairstyle yet, this is the place to go. Today we have 23 fantastic bubble ponytails to show you. It has upddos, cute styles, edgy looks and more accessdized.

1. Trendy and simple bubble ponytail

The first bubble ponytail is simple and trendy. For this look, the hair is divided into a high ponytail and four bubble sections. This is an simple-to-wear version of the ponytail and will suit everyone. You can create more or fewer partitions or try again. To make the hairstyle thinner, use the hair ties that match your hair, as in the picture.

Trendy and simple bubble ponytail

Source: @evapellejero

2. Bubble ponytail with braids

Bubbles can be added to your ponytail braids and then have a stylish way to wear the look. There is a low ponytail with three blister sections and a rope in the middle of the ponytail. You can correct this style by keeping part of your hair away from the ponytail, knitting and then tying the hair ties that you will be using for your blisters. You can use a fishtail tie or a classic three-wire tie.

Braided ponytail with balloons

Source: @ cm.hairmakeup

3. Half Up Bubble Ponytail

Another way to shape the bubble ponytail is a half-up style. It's like a classic half ponytail, but has trendy bubbles. As you can see, two different hairstyles look very cute together. A lovely and simple hair idea that suits everyone. She will look great with this short hair.

4. Idea of ​​a short ponytail

Speaking of short hair here is a shorter version of the bubble ponytail. As you can see, it only has two bubble sections. With shorter hair, the style looks good, and you can recreate it with smaller hair pieces or create more bubbles. You can try the style on shorter hair, but you will only have one blister section. This ponytail is great for summer.

5. Stylish ponytail idea

Then it has a stylish ponytail and is one of our favorite versions of this style. For this look, the hair is turned into a low ponytail. There are two bubble sections, and each section has hair wrapped at the top and bottom to hide the hair ties. The style is complete with loose hair and front side sweep. This is a more sophisticated version of the entertainment style and is great for special occasions.

Stylish ponytail

Source: @dvir_tvik

6. Official ponytail idea

The next bubble ponytail is super glamorous! There is a long ponytail with a braid in the middle. In addition, a stylish accessory is added to each bladder part. Accessories have pearl and rhinestone designs. We like it because it's an eye-catching version of the style. This would be great for bridesmaids, proms and other special occasions. Create a similar look or use different hair accessories with different colors and patterns.

Formal ponytail hairstyle idea

Source: @ hairby.sw

7. Two low ponytails

Do you fancy two ponytails? If so, this idea is for you. This look has a bubble version of the classic and cute hairstyle. As you can see, the hair is split into a middle part and two bubble ponytails are created. Very kind and funny hairstyle. This style has only one bubble area, but you can add more. Such hair is ideal for ordinary occasions.

Ponytail with two low bubbles

Source: @ reemsharvit1

8. High bubble ponytail

The high ponytail has become a must. This next hairstyle makes the game even faster because there are sections of bubbles. With a high and long ponytail, you can add lots of bubbles just like the style shown. This is a trendy and glamorous hairstyle that can be worn in any situation.

High bubble ponytail

Source: @ rose_be123

9. Unique and complementary hair idea

Do you prefer more unique hairstyles and express hairstyles? So you need to check this. Here we have an extra bubble ponytail – the hair is high and three bubbles. Every part of the hair is equipped with shiny clips, bows, initials and much more. As you can see, the result is incredible! Hair like this would be great for a party or an evening. You can recreate something similar or go wild and experiment with all kinds of clips, bows, beads and other accessories.

10. Half horsetail with pearl

Then I have half a bubble ponytail. This time the hair looks more elegant. Curly hair is curly and genuine ponytail is pretty soft. Pearls are added to the hair. It is a lovely version of the style and is great for a special occasion. Even a ponytail with pearls can be worn for a wedding!



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