10 marble kitchen counter colors you will love


Nothing can say better than a marble slab in a chic kitchen. The marble countertops add a touch of luxury and no longer need to be added. Marble is available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can select the one that top suits your kitchen design.

Marble works well for a closet and island counter. You can combine marble with other materials or colors. Here are 10 bank colors you'll love.

Gray and gold marble

Marble granite kitchen

source: graniterepublic.com

Gray and gold marbles have unique characters; Splashes between golden spots. This marble top fits in almost every kitchen color. You can combine it with a white kitchen to create a kind contrast, or with a darker kitchen to cut the color.

Sanded gray marble slab

Marble kitchen island

source: ariastonegallery.com

“Arak honed marble means polished until it is really smooth and creates a matte terminate. Gray is the great color for this type of countertop. The polished effect creates a soft but deep look and is not too striking. You can combine this counter with a variety of cool colors like dark blue and mint.

White countertop in the black kitchen

Marble kitchen cabinets

source: surface1.com

White marble countertops are common, but if you install them in a black kitchen? Marble forms a strong contrast to the dramatic cuisine. In the kitchen, you can cut off the dark by adding patterns, lines, or colored metal accents.

Black marble worktop

Kitchen accessories in marble look

source: netdna-ssl.com

The black marble countertop looks dramatic and is great for kitchen owners looking for a small talent without painting the entire room black. Many black marble worktops have unique markings and give them an abstract quality. These marble countertops can be set up for your closet or kitchen island.

Polished white marble

Marble kitchen floor

source: Stone surfaces.

Different finishing techniques can create unique looks in common bank colors. White marble worktops look more elegant and have a shiny surface. The reflective surface reflects the light and gives your kitchen an elegant look.

Blush bank

Round marble kitchen table

source: thespruce.com

Have you ever heard of a pink marble slab? Pink marble is often referred to as "blushing marble" because of its soft shade of pink. If the marble contains mineral impurities, a blushing color naturally forms. A blushing marble countertop can have a full pink color or pink spots between gray and white.

Dark brown marble

Round marble kitchen table

source: sauravdutt.com

Dark brown marble countertops are a great alternative for kitchen owners who think black is too dramatic. Depending on the natural appearance of the marble, dark brown marble slabs can have white or gray markings. You can combine the dark marble worktop with a white or natural wood kitchen.

Gold veined white marble countertops

Kitchen marble and granite

source: pinterest.com

When white marble reflects beauty and elegance, gold-grain white marble is the ultimate luxury. To break the monotony of the pure white kitchen, you can install a white marble worktop with gold grain. The gold veins are striking, but still great for combining with colored metal or other natural stones.

Blue marble worktop

Round marble kitchen table

source: castiamarble.co.uk

Blue marble is probably one of the rarest worktop materials. Quarries in China, India, Brazil, Kenya and Tanzania can be found in countries like Turkey. The blue hue ranges from light to strong with a variety of marker styles. Some blue marble slabs even have gold veins that give every kitchen a luxurious touch.

Green marble countertop

Marble kitchen table

source: home-designing.com

Another scarce finding is when green marble contains mineral contaminants. The shades of green vary from dark, greyish green to very light. Signs are unique from small dots to dark veins. The dark green worktop goes well with a wooden cabinet or a kitchen island and creates a “forest-like görünüm look”.

Large marble countertop alternatives


source: ykstonecenter.com

What happens if you can't afford the marble counter? Choose marble alternatives.

Quartz is a common alternative to marble. Although made by hand, quartz has lovely characters and earthy colors that give it a marble-like atmosphere. Quartz is also quite durable and simple to clean at a cheaper cost than genuine marble.

Neolith is a relatively modern addition to kitchen countertop materials, but has many fabulous properties. This artificial material combines elements made of porcelain, quartz and glass into a light, lovely material. Scratches, stains, heat and acid (such as ketchup and lemon juice) are resistant.

The marble worktops radiate elegance and luxury from afar. Choose the color that matches your kitchen aesthetics to create a dreamlike cooking space.



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