10 fashion cuts for 2020


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It is a modern year and it is modern. hair trends, Discover the top 2020 cut They will be great to commence with an astonishing commute in appearance. We are leaving you top hair trends You look fantastic at the beginning of the decade.

1. Cut the bowl
section bowl a similar fairy, but abandon a slightly longer margin so that you can play with completely flat layers. You can also add volume to your hair style and try out a variety of looks. east trend segment It started decades ago, but most of it It is modern for 2020, Do you dare to cut so small?
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Haircuts -2020
Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

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2. Soft bob
We love the idea of ​​bringing straight hair to cheek height! Many fashion houses like Alberta Ferretti recommend wearing a flat bob with a natural texture to give your hair great movement and volume. Let your hair be a lot messier and prefer platinum or reddish dyes.

Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

3. Fringed midi
Another large bet for him 2020 deductions Romantic and voluminous. Choose the classic flat bob at shoulder height and add a thick, completely flat bangs.

Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

4. Hairy
After the flat bob, we're looking for messier, textured, free hair that you can comb in less than five minutes. This haircut plays with many layers, lengths, and styles that are great for women with wavy or curly hair.
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Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

5. Curtain strips
The eaves of the curtain will be very popular this year 2020 as they are inspired by the 1970s. If you like long and structured fringes, try combing them like this. read: You should try haircuts after 30 years

Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

6. Long and straight
As in the 1990s, this outlook is typical of the past two decades and is returning more modern than ever. Wavy or smooth, but always the same height and completely flat.

Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

7. One side bob
Another great propose This is for 2020 haircut Wearing a bob cut on the shoulder but side scanning to achieve a natural layering effect. Just add a small wax to obtain a wet and alert-to-use effect.

Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

8. Jaw line
Whether your hair is wavy or straight, this widespread chin-height French style will be trendy all year round. read: Fringe 10 cuts to show your French style

Haircuts -2020Haircuts -2020

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The post 10 fashion cuts for 2020 first appeared on blog,



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