Elegant smart home devices to buy in 2020

Smart home appliances (and technology in general) stand out as a sore throat in most households. They are designed for function rather than form, and although they look elegant, they are not exactly art. So far, that's it.

The smart home product industry is in a complete revolution. After all, manufacturers are striving for more stylized products. These devices are similar to other furniture in the house. Her designs focus on contemporary and modern styles. Some even look like art!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and a number of modern devices complement the smart home. Check out the top smart devices that are considered aesthetically pleasing furniture.

Elegant smart home devices to buy in 2020

1. Hello meaning

There are many clever sleep monitoring products. But many require people to bind them to their bodies. Meanwhile, Hello Sense is sitting in the room and watching.

This small device acts as a combined sleep aid, clever alarm and sleep monitor. It monitors temperature, humidity, air quality and UV values. Then he gives recommendations for a better sleeping climate.

The device also comes with a sleep monitor attached to a pillow. From there you can wake up at the most appropriate time and feel refreshed. It also shows them how to sleep.

Hello Sense is available in black and white.

2. B&O BeoSound Shape speakers

Speakers are often among the most striking elements in a household because they are difficult to hide in a simple manner. However, one company managed to turn them into customizable murals.

BeoSound Shape speakers rolls hexagonal wall tiles. You can edit them in any order. There are ten colors to select from, and you can buy different colors together to create lovely designs. They arrive with built-in soundproofing tiles. So people can enjoy their music without disturbing their neighbors.

The BeoSound Shape speakers can be connected to the Internet via WLAN and Ethernet. They work with the B&O application and also support the remote control.

3. AirSense Intelligent Air Quality Monitor and Ion Cleaner

AirSense is not just an clever air quality monitor. It's also a speaker and a customizable mood light.

For air monitoring, this device detects harmful toxins in the air such as carbon monoxide and methane. In addition, the temperature and humidity levels as well as the noise levels in the room are displayed and an alarm is sent to an application. AirSense can record and play music from iTunes or Google Play.

If that's not enough, this elegant product also offers programmable RGB LEDs. You can show different colors in different patterns.

4. SNOO Smart crib

One of the simple requirements for good design is that form and function go perfectly together. Few do it better than SNOO. This cot can be delivered for $ 1,295, but is the ultimate support for sleep training. The SNOO cradle, which weighs the belly and mimics it, relieves the crying baby from falling asleep.

It comes with a secure changing bag that prevents it from rolling away and a monitor that notifies parents when the baby needs attention. In addition, it has a polished, contemporary style.

5. The Simplehuman sensor

Few people would have ever thought they needed an clever garbage can. But that's absolutely fabulous. There are built-in motion sensors nearby that detect when. Then it opens automatically. The sensor box, which is available in various style and size options, also supports volume control.

Conclusion: IoT and digital security

It is unhappy that there is certainty at the end of this discussion, but it is safer than worrying. There are more connected devices in a house more threats Face. They arrive in the form of hackers and other cyber bandits who give them the chance to take control.

You don't want to be the next victim of cyber bullying or an attacker because you have a smart toaster, do you?

Many IoT devices do not provide proper network security. Therefore, you need to secure the network. Landlords can protect their network in different ways. One possibility is to set up a guest network. Someone else Install VPN It protects the entire network with robust encryption protocols.

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