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Modern living room trends have seen some crazy, bold, and bizarre ideas. However, there are classically modern living room ideas that are making a comeback. Perfect for homeowners who prefer a sensible, timeless and elegant interior. Reorganizing classic ideas is also simple, especially if you plan to live in this house for a long time.

Here are 11 classic ideas for your living room.

Modern floral wallpaper

Best modern living room designs

source: hearstapps.com

Modern floral wallpapers are different from the ancient wallpapers in your grandmother's house. You obtain lighter combinations with more color variations, stronger contrasts and different design sizes. You can also save money by attaching a floral wallpaper and convert it into a reconstruction project after a few years.

White and pastel shades

Modern living room furniture ideas

source: designfor-me.com

A completely white living room looks more interesting if you add pastel tones. Pastel pink, purple, green or blue go well with the white background. The color adds dimension without disturbing the soft and elegant look. You can design furniture and upholstery in pastel shades.

Black and white combo

Modern stools for the living room

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The black and white combination returns with full force to the modern living room trend. It creates a great contrast and still looks "secure". You can create a white living room with black floors and furniture, or select from dominant shades.

Neutral color combination

Modern stools for the living room

source: zombiecarols.com

Another "secure" color combination consists of several neutral tones. If you can play with three or four, why do you stick to one color? Use neutral tones such as white, beige, tank, cream and gray in the living room. This way you obtain a wealthy appearance without creating a bright space.

Metal furniture and accents

Modern living room accessories

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Metal furniture and accents make every living room look wealthy. Instead of sticking with boring chrome or stainless steel, you should mix different metals as accents. Brass, bronze, copper and tin make a normal living room a designer dream.

Restricted accents

Modern living room

source: trendir.com

Highlights bring a living room to life, but don't overdo it! Limit your accents and decorations to spread them everywhere. Select elements that enrich the living room in certain places without appearing complicated. Be careful when choosing a vase, candle set, or bowl for the living room.

Unique pendant lamp

Modern living room sofa

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A unique pendant lamp captures the entire look of the living room and attracts everyone's attention in the central area. Choose a pendant lamp with a truly unique design and keep other lights simple. A crystal chandelier, an ancient light bulb or a unique lamp made from recycled wood make a living room look richer.

Social chairs

Home decor ideas living room modern

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Many modern living room designs have separate "floating" armchairs, which are separate elements that are positioned away from the other armchairs. This is because modern spaces are often designed for individuals. Bring back the classic seating arrangement that socializes people in a friendly way. Arrange the sofas and chairs close together. Choose a seat for two as a minimum standard.

Mixed textures

Modern living room

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Textures can bring the boring living room to life. Combining different textures is a great idea for people who don't want to display ornaments or bright furniture in the living room.

Choose elements from unique materials to display natural textures such as rattan, fiber, grain and natural stone. Otherwise, use simpler details such as sewing details in the upholstery.

Natural light

Modern furniture designs for living rooms

source: thespruce.com

The natural light of the living room is great for the environment. If the light source in your living room is limited, try moving the furniture position to determine the top light usage.

This way you have a good idea of ​​how to maximize the beauty of the room with natural light.

Color palette pair

Modern sofa designs for living rooms

source: designingidea.com

Do you remember dark conflicts in design trends? Now people are returning to the classic way of color combination: by mixing two colors that form a pair in the color palette. This way you obtain a great mix of two colors that look good together. For example, pastel pink looks great with smoky gray and is a great pair with caramel yellow navy blue.

The implementation of classic trends in modern living room ideas gives an elegant and timeless look. Simply enjoy a lovely living room and show your guests elegant taste.



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