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Are you alert to build the kitchen of your dreams? It all starts with a good plan. By taking the time to carefully plan the kitchen of your dreams, you will obtain the top possible result from your investment. Here are some tips for planning dream kitchencourtesy O & # 39; Hanlon Kitchens, Inc.

How to plan your dream kitchen

Choose a reliable company to build your dream kitchen

You may want to do this last, but not! Choosing a kitchen remodeling company in the beginning will help you a lot in the design process. You can work with a designer to plan your dream kitchen, taking into account your budget, your current and future goals, and more. Use your experience to determine exactly what you want in your dream kitchen and learn how quickly this dream can become a reality.

Designers are able to propose high quality products at affordable prices, and many companies propose free design in the anticipate that you will use it for the construction project. Choose a company that does not use high pressure sales. A good kitchen designer gives you time to access your options, adjust your vision to your budget, and obtain the dream kitchen you want.

How to plan your dream kitchen

Make a list of the features that should be

This is yours dream The kitchen is not a slightly better version of your existing kitchen. What functions would you like to have? Maybe you want a double oven for the vacation. Perhaps you have always asked for a pot filler to quickly add water to the stove. Perhaps your biggest dream is to have soft drawers, hidden cupboard drawers or a sink on the farm. Whatever your dreams are, write them down. Then you can talk to your designer about which functions you can integrate into your dream kitchen.

Think about problems in your current kitchen

Does the sink feel in the wrong place? Do you need more drawers than your existing kitchen? These are the problems you can solve when designing the kitchen of your dreams. If you consider all the desired functions, you have to list the desired functions. I do not want, in your modern kitchen. This will further restrict the ideas. Often, a modern perspective of a designer opens up opportunities that you don't consider lifting a wall to transform your space.

How to plan your dream kitchen

Find an order that suits your needs

Depending on the shape of your kitchen and your general requirements, you can select from a variety of kitchen layouts. If you think about the features you need in your kitchen, you can create a layout that fits your available space and goals. Suppose you want a double stove instead of a stove-oven combination. The floor plan of your existing kitchen needs to be determined to make room. Here, too, your project manager can help you with your logistics so that you obtain the kitchen of your dreams.

How to plan your dream kitchen

Choose design elements for your home and your personal taste

This is the entertaining part where you can select all the colors, finishes and design elements. The easiest way is to define a design theme – rustic, traditional, transitive, effective, modern and so on. If you have a traditional home and build a stylish, contemporary kitchen, you probably don't like a mismatch.

How to plan your dream kitchen

When it comes to color, stay true to time-based colors. Your walls may be in a trendy blue, but if your cabinets or countertops are in a trendy color, you may regret the decision.

If you're not sure what style you like, look for inspiration online. We can show you kitchen sample we have worked on it before. When you see something you like, save it, print it out, or forward it to your designer. Then you can put together the kitchen of your dreams. With the right effort from the commence, you can have a kitchen that you enjoy working with every year.

If you live in Maryland or Pennsylvania, O’Hanlon Kitchens’s highly qualified professional team will be happy to help you plan. Contact us Plan kitchen remodeling advice.

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