Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year


The most lovely time of the year – and also the most extravagant time. When it comes to Christmas, we tend to plunge into the sea with food, drinks, decorations, and gifts – but at what price?

Valued Great Britain creates 30% more waste more than usual during the festivalThis significantly increases our combined carbon footprint. Fortunately, after years of campaigning and climate negotiations, people started to see this impact.

So if you're part of it 70% The British go green this ChristmasRead on to find out how your Christmas decorations can help protect the climate.

1. Embellish your Christmas party

Over time, it has become a Christmas tradition for us to cover our homes exaggerated fairy lights. While this may look stunning, you are not doing the CO2 footprint well. However, there are several ways to light up your home with festive cheers without harming the environment:

  • Solar powered Christmas lights – Despite the myths that sunlight is required to operate solar panels, solar panels consume electricity all year round, even in winter. Use these lights to give your home a festive glow Carbon foot wonders for youand save money Then bills. As a matter of fact, solar power You can reduce your monthly energy costs by about 50%. Everyone wins.
  • LED lights – Since your window acts as a reflective barrier, solar powered lamps do not work indoors. Why not try indoor LED lights instead of normal lights? Through this simple swap process 90% less energy for fairy lights.
  • Fill your home with tea lights in mason jars – This not only creates the pleasant environment you are looking for, but also lowers the energy consumption of your home by using candles instead of electric light.Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

2. Wrap your design

It is priceless to watch the faces at the first look at the presents under the tree, isn't it? Despite this healthy appearance Most of the packaging paper cannot be recycled and can be harmful to our environment. Actually great 277,000 miles of wrapping paper Garbage during the vacation,

But there are ways we can overcome this – it's time to redesign the way we hug. Check out some of us Alternative packaging ideas:

  • Recycled paper – Many retailers have recognized the need for sustainable options and can be both decorative and recyclable. If you like the traditional look, select plain brown paper and decorate it with some of the following.
  • String or organic tape – Give your gift a festive flair by tying it with a red, gold or green ribbon.
  • Add pine or sacred branch – Would you like to give your gifts a touch of tradition? Try adding a sacred or pine branch to give Christmas a special touch.Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

3. Real tree or wrong tree?

Christmas tree is a symbol of a festive house. In the long run, many people are trapped between a untrue tree or a genuine tree to save plastic. If handled correctly, both options nearly It has no impact on the climate.

Real tree

If you want your genuine tree to have no environmental impact, please follow these guidelines:

  • Your tree must arrive from the region – Limited driving means limited CO2.
  • Recycle after Christmas tree Yes regulations Once you're done, you can refer to the place where your tree is bought. You can also use it as sawdust to help your garden grow in spring.
  • Rent your tree – Find your local supplier, take your tree home and enjoy it during the holidays. If you return your tree, it can continue to grow and be reused for next year's celebrations.
  • Then plant the tree – Place your tree in your garden and help native birds and bees.

Fake tree

Don't make a fake if you don't last at least 10 years. Artificial tree two meters long double Carbon footprint of a genuine tree This ends up in a dump. Storing your tree for less than 10 years therefore has a negative impact on the environment.

What makes artificial trees so bad? Well, the production plastic The tree makes up about two thirds of the carbon footprint. Another quarter of the floor space industrial emissions is produced when the tree is made.

In our opinion, there is a clear winner here. When handled properly, a genuine Christmas tree can have no environmental impact and can even profit from planting it in your garden!

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year


Now we have to decorate the Christmas tree! Decorating the tree is part of the magic of Christmas, isn't it? Why not select more this year? Blameless decorations?

There are several ways to decorate your tree without digging it on plastic:

  • Wood or paper – Instead of plastic balls, you should look at traditional wooden decorations. Many people experiment with 3D paper balls, which can have the same color effect as plastic paper.
  • Cup – Glass balls give a more precise, simpler touch and are much more environmentally friendly than plastic balls. Maybe you just don't put it on a precarious branch.
  • Recycled or used – Don't you feel like Christmas without your plastic jewelry? You can always obtain used balls or balls made from recycled material to save waste.
  • The beauty of dried fruit – It may sound strange, but trust us. This look not only gives your tree a hint of tradition, but your home also smells more like Christmas.Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

5. Do spiritual

In the 17th century, tinsel (originally made of silver) adorned the trees of Britain's richest houses. now, Tinsel is another plastic pollution Most households were locked for Christmas. Tinsel's popularity is declining, but what environmentally friendly alternatives do you have if you take your Christmas spirit away from this glittering splash of color?

For a more modern, simpler look Choose the ribbon instead of the tinsel. Organic ribbons can make your tree look and 70s less contemporarywith a nifty hint. Not to mention that there is one less plastic pollutant in your house!

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

6. Environmentally friendly crackers

That wouldn't be right without Christmas crackers, would it? It is estimated that our fascinating tradition has resulted in approximately 154000000 Plastic fall each year. In addition, many of them Plastic toys shipped from China, increases the carbon footprint by thousands of kilometers. So can we do our top to avoid this (without having to abandon our tradition)?

Well, some stores are selling environmentally friendly crackersDestroy plastic toys made from recyclable materials within sight! Check out the first three interesting eco crackers:

Hide this cracker – You can fill these crackers with any gift you want and they can every year again, If you pull on the breaker, it simply releases instead of tearing it apart. All you have to do is add modern gifts and replace the extra element in them and go.

Meri Meri – This brand offers colorful creative crackers This dinner will brighten your table. They were made Recycled paperand in a hat, joke and Wood animal keychain!

Nancy and BEtty These charming, hand-made crackers prove that environmental friendliness doesn't have to be boring. The patterns on the crackers add a touch of fun and the gifts inside are made sustainably. Gifts within reach depending on the price Our favorites conclude ovaries, mini pens, mini strawberry jam, luxury tea and wildflower seeds.

You don't have to feel guilty about crackers this year.

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

7. Make your own wreath

Christmas is all about fun and Make wreath is one of the most lovely of the season. There is a lot of history and meaning behind the wreaths: symbolizes victory, eternal life, life and growth.

Over time, most countries adopted artificial wreaths to hang on plastic doors. If you want a greener, more sustainable wreath, why not? Are you looking for food and making your own family wreath? If you have everything you need, it can be a therapeutic escape from the whole Christmas frenzy. We recommend adding dried oranges, ilex and cinnamon sticks there to spread an extra bonfire.

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

8. Sustainable socks

Sustainability is not just about cutting plastic, but also actively using it. sustainable materials whenever possible.

Is there a small welcome to your family this Christmas? If so, give them a Organic cotton socks. Much more sustainable than alternative options like velvetmade of polyester and biodegradable.

If you go into an independent business, you can even add a personal touch!

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

9. Biodegradable glitter

Make your own decorations and cards to celebrate Christmas. A great way to add a fun, environmentally friendly, and personal touch. But if you make your own decorations this year, Think of the wildlife of the ocean and keep away from the sparkle. It is made of glittering plastic and can damage marine life when consumed. So it's top to steer clearly.

Fortunately, some companies are aware of our need for glare. We have all types biodegradable glitter Available on the market today and does no harm to animals. Be sure to check the label.

Let's go & # 39; s: Nine ways to make your Christmas party less harmful to the planet and eco-friendly for your home. Christmas doesn't have to be as wasteful as we are. So let's catch the plastic trend and make a difference.

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations to be used this year

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