23 cool and funny gift ideas for white elephants


White Elephant is a gift exchange game. During the game, players receive gifts and often these are funny, random or unique items. The goal of the game is to keep everyone entertained. It could be a kind of thing or something funny. Of course, you can make kind gifts that are useful to people. Christmas is a fun game that brings people together. You can learn the rules and play online. We are here to help with the genuine gift. Today we have the idea to give 23 white elephants that are amazed and laugh at people. Have a look, there is something for everyone.

1st piece of coal soap

The first gift idea is unique and fun. Here is a small sack with a pile of coal. You will find small coal soaps in the sack! This is a very fun gift idea and great for anyone who is a friend, coworker or family member. This soap will be available on the following page and you can also find other versions online.

Pile of coal soap

Source: @flamingobathutah

2. Nothing Jar

This next idea is one of our favorites! An interesting gift that is great for those who say they don't want anything or only for those who can't buy. There is nothing here. An empty glass literally labeled. You can buy this glass from: daisy chain online giftshop Sell ​​other gag gifts or just do it yourself.

3. Funny grammar mug

We all have one of our colleagues or friends who always corrects their grammar. So this mug is the great white elephant gift! A simple but useful mug that says orum I am quietly correcting your grammar ”. Anyone who gets it will make him laugh and it would be great for an office. You can buy this trophy on the following page.

4. Festive toilet paper

Then we have a funny gift that is great for the white elephant. There are festive toilet paper rolls here. Each is decorated in Christmas colors and has a funny message written on it. Our favorite is "More Christmas nonsense for you". This will be the type of gift you remember. Such toilet papers are available online. If you want to be creative, you can do it yourself.

Festive toilet paper

Source: @ ms.d.allday

5. Interesting badge

There are many different gifts that you can buy for the game. When looking for a gift, you want to find something unique, fun and practical. So this next idea is great. Here is a Christmas brooch or badge with a random festive motif. She looks like a star with a cat on it and disguised as Santa Claus. That would be great for the white elephant. There are many interesting pieces like this on the following page.

6. Office decoration

If you work in an office and play a white elephant with your colleagues, this is a great idea for you. Here we have a framed picture with the inscription "cell, sweet cell". A fun home like a cute home, but for your office. This is a simple gift as it makes everyone laugh. You can buy them on the following page.

7. Santa teapot

Sticky Christmas gifts are great for the white elephant and you can select one. This gift idea features a Santa teapot. Above and festive is over and a win-win gift. If someone finds a bad and funny job but only likes Christmas, they can use it. You can find many such gifts on the internet and you can find this teapot from the internet on Instagram.

8. Tried candle

Candles are great gifts, especially for people like colleagues who have no idea what to buy. Here we have a candle with a cheeky or kind checklist. This is the "I tried" option that is highlighted in the list. A fun and unique gift that is great for everyone. If you want to buy this candle you can click on the link below.

Tried candle

Source: @atozcandles

9. Funny hand cleaner

This next gift is a lot of fun and one of our favorites! There is a hand cleaner here. It sounds like a practical and fun non-gift. Until you read the label. The label reads: "Maybe you touched your genitals, hand disinfectant". It's funny because two people shake hands and we thought about how clean someone's hands are. A gift like this is great for a white elephant at work or if you cognize someone who has a small nucleus in the group.

Funny hand cleaner

Source: @_haymeg

10. Funny AF Cup

Then there is a trophy. This time it says "Jolly AF" on the mug. Simple, fun and a gift for everyone. So it's great for the white elephant. You can buy these glasses from: Type League Press. Give it as a simple cup, or you can revive the gift by adding something festive like chocolate or candy.



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