6+ Living Room Flooring Inspiration for modern homes


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A living room acts as a public space in a house, ideal for a family reunion or to relax. Living room flooring It is an important element to create the great design. When choosing a terrain, you need to think about children, foot traffic, pets, spill risks, costs, and more. It can be confusing, especially if you are building a modern home.

I need a trail Choose a modern living room Ground? Follow these instructions to select the top option.

Comparison of floor types for living room

Nowadays you have many ground options for a home installation. Each type of soil has unique characteristics. The most popular floor types for a living room:

Tile floors are durable, lovely and simple to clean. Tiles are also available in different designs, sizes and colors. You can install cheap ceramic or expensive marble floors. Most floors are heavy traffic and high in water, but may be slippery. Joints may discolour over time and you should clean them carefully.

Take into account the climate and temperature before laying the tile floor. Tiles are great for a cool and warm climate, but not ideal for a home in a cold or freezing climate.

    Living room upholstery inspiration    Living room upholstery inspiration

The wooden floors are elegant, lovely and great for a modern or traditional living room. Although hardwood is quite expensive, you can order wood for a cheaper material. The wood is simple to clean but not immune to water damage. Although the parquet is the most durable and elegant, it is pleasant to walk on.

    Living room upholstery inspiration    Living room upholstery inspiration

Laminate is a cheaper alternative to wood or stone floors. The look can imitate more expensive materials. The laminate floor is also simple to clean, but is not suitable for spills and water damage.

    Living room upholstery inspiration    Living room upholstery inspiration

The carpet feels luxurious and comfortable for the feet. You can install a carpeted room or a smaller carpet in the living room. However, carpets are not suitable for allergy sufferers, since the smallest pores may still contain dust. The carpet is ideal for a living room with small foot traffic.

There are also concerns about spills and maintenance costs. The carpet needs a steam cleaning to remove dust and dirt. For example, removing stains from the carpet is more difficult than removing wood or tiles.

Choosing the right material will make your living room more comfortable. Before laying the right floor, consider the properties of each floor.

Ideas for living room floors

Here are some ideas that you can copy for a living room:

1. Light parquet floor

Light parquet is suitable for almost all wall colors. You can combine it with cool or warm colors. The light wood color also emphasizes the wood grain and gives your living room more elegance.

2. Dark wood floor with shiny carpet

Living room inspirationLiving room inspiration

Dark wood floors are sleek and modern, but can make your living room less inviting. Add a colorful rug to make it inviting. You can install a textured rug to decorate the living room finer.

3. Patterned carpet

If there are few pedestrians in your living room, you can experiment with a patterned rug. Choose a timeless color scheme to predict home decorations such as black and white or earth tones. Abstract or geometric patterns are often "secure" options for a modern home.

4. Warm tones marble tiles

Marble tiles are the same with a stunning, expensive white floor. You can, however, achieve a more attractive appearance by using tiles in warm tones. Earth tones such as beige, taupe or egg white give all living spaces a subtle charm.

5. Patterned ceramic tiles

Make your ceramic tile floor look expensive with patterns. It has lovely designs that are suitable for many patterned tile design houses. You can use them as floor accents and give the living room visual charm.

6. Laminated floor "wood"

Laminated wood floors are a cheaper way to emulate the look of an expensive product. You can lay a laminate floor with glossy effect. Since laminate floors are inexpensive, be sure to keep the wood pattern and color clear (no carpet).

7. Terrazzo floor

Terrazzo is a combination of minerals and stones that are mixed into aggregates using aggregates. Thanks to its wealthy patterns, this soil is becoming popular. Terrazzo tiles propose a lovely appearance of the floor at a cheaper price than marble.

selection living room flooring it can break or break in. Consider the look and feel of each floor before laying the right one.

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