23 ideas for brown and blond hair that should now be copied


Two of the most popular hair colors are brown and blond. Many women are blonde or brunette, but what if you combine them? Brown and blond are a very eye-catching color combination. Both colors have shades and complement each other perfectly. Not only that, it's a kind way to lighten and beautify blond brown hair. So, if you are a bit bored of your hair and think you can do it with a make-up, then you are right here. Look at these ideas for blonde and brown hair. There is a cut, a color and a style for everyone.

1. Classic brown and yellow hair

The first hair idea we want to show you is a classic blond style. So a kind brown color with bright blonde reflections on the hair. In this way, the hair is simple to wear, is good for everyone and gives your brunette hair a sun kiss. This color is great for ladies who want to boost their dark brown hair.

Classic brown and blond hair

Source: @the_blondologist

2. Brown and golden blond hair

It has a lot of blonde shades and it turns great brown. Here is a striking example. For this look, the hair is long and the solid root dark brown. Gold at the top. As you can see, the warmer and richer she looks, the better the blonde looks. It also looks more natural to what most ladies want.

3. Brown and Blonde Ombre

Another color option that you can try is Ombre or Balayage. The Ombre has a more pronounced line between colors and mixes more in balayage. You can create the following style. The hair is dark brown and turns pale yellow in the middle. It's a lovely and trendy ombre style. Try something similar or give the hair root more color for a tangled look.

Brown and blond ombre hair

Source: in @breakingbro

4. Highlights with the blonde Bob

Then we have a stylish coil for you. The hair is cut quite short and the length of the chin at the front or just below. It's a very dark shade of brown and lovely blonde highlights have been added. We love this style, because if the cut was just brown, it would be very sharp and breathtaking. However, light spots soften it and give the hair a stylish look. You can try out features like the warmer and more natural blonde, or obtain brighter and brighter for a more daring look.

Brown Bob Highlights with Blonde

Source: @domdomha is

5. Caramel Blonde Hair Idea

There are a lot of blondes on your next hairstyle. As you can see, the hair in the lower layers is dark brown, while the rest of the hair is blond. There is a mix of cool and warm tones like gold and caramel yellow. Dark caramel blonde looks stunning. You can rebuild this look for a summery style or just try out the color combination brown and caramel.

6. Beautiful light blonde and brown color

If you want the blonde to express more, then this is for you. Here we have long brown hair that is pale yellow above. As you can see, the color difference is more noticeable when tying the hair. Look sweet and stylish. Try a similar style, or you can be even brighter. A icy blonde looks very elegant.

7. Stylish short cut with blond summary

Then we have an idea of ​​short and elegant hair that we can show you. For this look, the hair is pine-long and mostly brown. The blonde color is very elegant. Most of the blonde is on the frontside of the framed face. This is a stunning color and breathtaking cut that looks good for everyone. Ideal for ladies who want a complete hair transformation.

Stylish short cut with blond features

Source: @domdomha is

8. Mark and burst with a yellow bright spot

Remember to commute your hair by adding blond? Why do not you add the explosions? Here's an idea with brown and blond hair with a pony. The hair is medium long with yellow reflections and highlights on the pony. As you can see, it is astonishing. Rebuild it, or you can even create lighter explosions or side sweeps.

Blond hair and pony

Source: @romeufelip too

9. Shiny Blonde Hair Idea

The next hairstyle is another trendy statement maker. At the root of the hair mixes a very dark, then a light brown tone, and then the color changes into a very bright yellow. The mix between such a bright color commute and shadow is striking. If you want to revitalize your hair, this is a stylish way to do it. Maybe try the style and cut it, because it is lovely!

10. Dark brown hair with many yellow reflections

Then we have another multi-tone look. Again, the hair follicle is very dark and when you press this color commute, other shadows are added. It has lighter shades of brown and very cool as well as pale yellow tones. It's a kind mix of colors. Since the color is only half available, you have the opportunity to commute your mind as it grows slightly.

Very blonde highlights with dark brown hair

Source: in @breakingbro



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