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Now that it has gotten cold, the image of cuddling with the temperature of the fire to read a good book seems to be an increasingly desirable option chimneys The middle begins to appear on stage.

With the arrival of winter comes the eternal fear of our coming keep the house warm On the coldest days, it's time to check the radiatorsInsulation of doors and windows, If you live in a loft or a family house, you should take more stringent measures, such as: B. the improvement of the roof insulation.

Fireplaces, along with wood burning stove, One of the most effective ways to heat the house if we want to combine practical elements with more decorative ones, they are also great. Even if you plan to install a fireplace at home It is important that you inform yourself in some way before trying this.

is there different fireplace types Coatings or ovens in the market, according to taste and need. The first thing to keep in mind is first and foremost the area you want to heat. Make a list of your priorities: Identify the areas where you need more heat in your home, and then weigh what matters most to you: maintenance, performance, cleaning … Each of these features leads you to one single model. or the other.

Remember that your fireplace needs to be more or less installed. It is therefore always a good idea to think long term and to consider the fireplace not only as a decorative element, but also as the main method of keeping your home warm. :

Calculate your domain well

This will undoubtedly be one of the most important steps in choosing our fireplace. Suitable for calculate the place carefully that both aspects of your stay are good and work well. and where you want to place it. It is recommended that you contact a specialist who can advise us correctly.

On the other hand, if you do not do this Flues, It does not have to be a problem, because there is always the possibility to build from scratch, depending on which area you have. All you have to do is adjust your budget to the size of the installation you need.

Choose the right fireplace

Key to choosing the perfect fireplace


When we think of the chimneys, we usually arrive to mind the image of a traditional chimney carved on a massive wall of light, firewood and light and dark stones. However, there are currently hundreds of models that are adapted to different requirements, so this is often the case classified by combustion , As far as design is concerned, technological innovations have created so many possibilities that it is difficult to create specific categories. Nestled in the wall, mobile, indoors, outside and even hanging from the ceiling. At the end of this article we have left one of you. Galleries So you can obtain an idea of ​​the endless possibilities that exist.

Types of combustion

  • Wood fireplaces: they Those who want poker to catch fire will stay "a lifetime" before they close. Although they have an important aesthetic component, such chimneys are not very efficient because heat is easily burned and the cost of firewood is not mentioned. Finally, it is important to emphasize the importance of cleaning such chimneys, as the waste generated can be harmful to health.
  • Gas fireplaces: These are chimneys that use ignition and gas flames that follow the same procedure as conventional stoves instead of firewood. The advantage of such chimneys is that they produce virtually no waste, but generally have a much higher price and store no heat when closed.
  • Bioethanol fireplaces: you The cleanest and most environmentally friendly and does not produce any fumes like gas chimneys, with the difference that bioethanol emits between 40 and 80% less greenhouse gas.
  • globule fireplaces: she Chimneys are biodegradable and cheaper than firewood and work with an ecological fuel type.
  • Electric fireplaces: It is a chimney that does not require working or gas pipelines, as it is sufficient to connect it to the electricity grid.

We have inspirational ideas and comment on what you think about the following cozy fireplaces:







Key to choosing the perfect fireplace





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