23 Badass Tribal Tattoo Ideas for Women


Tribal tattoos have become very popular around the world. This is not surprising since tribal tattoos have eye-catching patterns. When choosing tribal tattoos, you can look at different cultures and be inspired by their designs to create an astonishing body art. It is important to respect where the pattern comes from. So try to pick someone who means something to you. Maybe you are connected to where they arrive from or where you are connected to people, or you seek what a tattoo means. To give you some tattoo inspirations, we have found 23 lovely tribal tattoo designs. If you want a great body artwork or something thinner, there is a tattoo for everyone. Look at them, you will love them all!

1. Thick shoulder tribal tattoo

The first tattoo we have to show is a brave shoulder piece. A lovely tribal pattern on his shoulder features eye-catching and hammered patterns. This wow is a tattoo and design shape that is great for shoulder area. Such a tattoo is great for those who want a great part of body art.

Thick shoulder tribal tattoo

Source: the @tribal_tata

2. Full Leg Tattoo with Tribal Patterns

This tattoo idea is one of our favorite ideas because it is eye-catching, unique and truly explanatory. Here are two Polynesian Tribal Tattoos. One covers the entire leg, the other is on the thigh and around the kneecap. We love leg tattoo because it is a great piece of art. Such a tattoo is for those who are very interested in body art. You can rebuild it or even have a smaller version. Maybe only on the thigh or thigh. Other lovely tattoos can also be replicated.

Full leg tattoo with tribal patterns

Source: @kurtistattoos

3. Hand and finger tattoo design

The tattooing of the hands is one of the most popular places and then we have a fabulous design that we can show you. For this tattoo a tribal pattern was placed on the thumb, forefinger and wrist. Design contains lovely Polynesian style patterns. This tattoo fits perfectly in this hand area. You can try a similar tattoo or other pattern in the same area.

4. Geometric Tribal Tattoo

Then we have a kind back tattoo to show you. It has a geometric appearance because the tribal pattern is placed in a diamond shape. We love it because it creates such a unique body art. Above and below the diamond are smaller patterns. This is a stunning tattoo and you can replicate it or try to use different patterns on the diamond. You may have a similar design that is on another part of the body, such as a body part. B. on an arm or leg.

5. Fancy Ankle Tattoo Idea

There are many different tribal patterns, the next idea was inspired by Samoan tattoos. The design is placed around the ankle and has a similar geometric pattern. It is a very brave piece and it stretches on your foot. Such a tattoo will look good for everyone. You can recreate it or try a smaller version around the ankle.

6. Beautiful arm tattoo

If you are looking for a more sensitive tattoo, this may be great for you. Here we have a striking arm tattoo with softer lines and lovely patterns. It's a mix of design that includes flowers and repeat patterns. As in the picture, there may be such a group around your arm, or you can try it around your leg or your ankle. You can also add different patterns so you can really make such a unique tattoo.

Beautiful tribal arm tattoo

Source: Link @tattoom

7. Arm tattoo with a swirl and patterned flowers

Tribal tattoos for women have lovely tropical flowers. The next tattoo has a lovely spiral pattern with a lovely flower. The spiral begins at the shoulder and extends over the arm. All spirals have tribal patterns. This is a stunning and daring design. Try a similar body art or give the flower some color.

Arm tattoo with patterned swirl and flowers

Source: @kurtistattoos

8. Tribal Collar Bones and Chest Tattoo Statement

This is an astonishing part of the body art of your next tattoo! The tattoo design begins on one shoulder and extends along the collar bones above the chest and ends on the other shoulder. A stunning design that beautifully adorns the body. This tattoo looks almost like a piece of jewelry or armor. The design is based on Indian and Croatian tribal models.

Tribal collar bones and breast tattoos

Source: the @treubh

9. Stunning foot and ankle tattoo idea

Then we have a tattoo that is inspired by Polynesia. It has lovely patterns that begin with the foot and end just above the ankle. Perfect for those looking for a spectacular design and a unique body art piece. The design fits perfectly with this body part and also has a yin and yang atmosphere. We love it and think that it will look great for everyone.

10. Complex neck tattoo design

Nude tattoos are a popular part of body art and inspire the next! The design starts right under the hair and extends backwards. It has very astonishing and complicated patterns. This is a stunning work of art and is great for ladies who want to explicate it. You can build this necktie tattoo or use different tribal patterns. If it is too large for your taste, you can make the pattern even smaller and tattoo only in the area behind the neck.

Tribal back tattoo idea

Source: Link @tattoom



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