9 Stunning Christmas Mantle Decor Ideas


You already cognize that in this festive season there are many creative ways to demonstrate your design style. living room The heart of the house, as well as the kitchen, so it should undoubtedly be on your to-do list. Most people show and decorate here. Christmas tree theme He spends a lot of time with people he loves by the fire and whom he desperately needs after a difficult day's work. Come closer and make your living room even more festive Mantel decorations modern, fresh and thoughtful way! Yes, we cognize that this can be a daunting task, but it is possible to exercise care. We are behind you, let us do it!

Whatever your taste is darker or thinner, it's great 9 Christmas fireplace decor ideas It will inspire you to make your fireplace the middle of your living room!

1. Inspired by nature

9 Stunning Christmas Mantle Decor Ideas

Tobi Fairley

Check out fresh evergreen twigs, wreaths and wreaths combined with seasonal citrus fruits such as tangerines, lemons and oranges. This gives your home a natural look with heavenly scents.

2. Maximalistic beauty

This is a lesson in the balance between minimalist aesthetics and a hint of maximalism. Crips in white and gray provide a great backdrop for a holiday fireplace.

3. Berry Branches

Go to the red mulberry branches, which are very remarkable and festive. They provide the great complement to red socks and elegant white candles.

4. Candles galore

Candles will make your home look more elegant and magically illuminate your space. Enhance your look with just a lush garland and group with jute yarn.

5. Personal touch

Be more creative with socks Buy style in this business this season and for a smarter design. How about adding wooden name badges to your socks?

6. Assign your tree

7. Layered Look

8. Festive wreath

With a festive wreath decorated with colorful ornaments and red ribbons, you can freeze a coat to create an ideal and complementary wreath for a complete look.

9. White stripe and lights

To add an elegant touch, you can cover your wreath with white ribbons and lights.

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