10 ideas for short hair in 2020


If your hair looks boring and you are sick of it, you are in the right place! Today we show you 10 breathtaking highlights with short hair. Short hairstyles are a must for 2020 and highlights that will lighten your hair and give you a modern life. Here you will find bobs, pixie cuts, trendy styles and more. What are you waiting for? Look around to find your great modern short hairstyle.

1. Short curly hair

We would like to show you this stylish and highlighted hair idea first. The hair is partly cut in pixie style and has lovely honey accents. It’s a kind hairstyle and would be great for the summer. We love this trendy and modern look, it will suit everyone! You can emulate light highlights or try any hair color.

Short curly hair

Source: until @allthingsne

2. Fiery red idea idea

Then you have a fiery hairdo that you can show yourself. For this look, the hair is cut into a short bob with warm red accents. As you can see, the red color looks dark, but then you can see the spicy reds in the light. This is a stylish hair idea and you can rebuild it or try a darker red color. You can even try out reds with shorter cuts.

3. Gray highlights when bobslewing

This next hairstyle is one of our favorite hairstyles! Here is an elegant and stylish bob with light gray accents. The sharp cut and the trendy gray color together look stunning and the combination gives a very modern style. A cut and a color like this will commute your hair. A lighter, icy gray looks fantastic, too.

4. Stylish purple highlights

Purple is a very popular hair color and we can see why with such styles! This hairstyle has a short and sweet cut with purple accents on the front of the hair. The purple hue is pretty dark, so the hairstyle is very lean. For a darker look, you can select a brighter, more vivid purple hue. In any case, your hair will be lovely.

5. Marked stacked bob

One of the short looks that should be a stacked hairstyle. If you have a stacked cut, it means that your hair is cut at an angle so that they are longer at the front and shorter at the back. Here is a stylish example of a stacked appearance. The hair is just under the chin and the hair in the front part is very short. Fine accents are added to the hair. A cut and a color like this will make your hair go from boring to fabulous. Re-create this view or try more brilliant events.

6. Soft gray short hair

We have to show you the next hairstyle for trendsetters. Here we have a very short cut with gray highlights. The gray color used is very soft and stands out because of its dark root color. We love this hairstyle and we think it will look good for everyone. If the gray color is not particularly bold for you, you can of course reproduce the cut with different color accents. The blonde color would look great, so it’s an option.

7. Honey Blonde Idea highlights

Then we have a kind and stylish hairstyle. For this look, the hair is cut into a bob and the honey-yellow highlights are added to the hair. Honey yellow is a fabulous color because it is light but not as bright as other blondes. Such a highlighted bob with textured waves would be great for the summer. The apartment will look great too.

8. Cinnamon summary

The idea of ​​this next hair has highlights that are referred to as summer cinnamon. Here’s a cute bob with a dark root color. The hair has been added with hair-dye accents that beautifully complete the hairstyle. Such subtle accents give your hair a boost and avoid it from looking dull.

Cinnamon highlights for short hair

Source: @amberjoyandco

9. Stylish Highlighted Bob with a blunt cut

The cut breasts have become one of the looks one should have and this next idea shows how to wear the trend style. The hair is cut into a short, pine-length spool and, as you can see, sharp and sharp. There are also stylish highlights. Create this trendy look or add colorful accents to your bob.

Stylish Highlighted Bob with Blunt Cut

Source: @amberjoyandco

10. Short, edgy cut with pink accents

Do you want courage and a full hair make-up? If so, this idea can be great for you. Here we have a short way with pink accents. The feathers are shaved on the back and sides and have long hair. They are long hair with pink color. We love the expression, courage and hairstyle. You can recreate pink or try another vibrant color like blue.

Pink highlights and Short & Angry Cut

Source: the @nathaliafo



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