23 Stylish ways to wear white sarong nails


Coffin nail form is one of the most popular options for women. This has many reasons, among other things, how elegant they look and is an simple way if your nails are long, unless they are sharp. Today we would like to show you our impressive collection of possibilities to wear white sarong nails. White was chosen because it is an eye-catching color that is compatible with everything and can be worn on any occasion. We have great manicures to show you the trendy nail art, rhinestones and much more. So, if you have a white sarong design for every taste, take a look!

1. Simple white sarong nails

First, we have these simple and elegant white nails. The nails are shaped like a long coffin and painted in a strikingly white color. These nails are simple to carry, fit for all, can be worn at any occasion and look stunning throughout the summer. We love these nails and you can replicate or shorten the longer casket length. In any case, they look fantastic.

Simple white sarong nails

Source: @margaritasnailz

2. White rivets with rhinestones

Do you prefer it when your nails obtain more shine? If so, you need to check the next idea. Here we have white coffin nails, each decorated with a large, sparkling rhinestone. Gemstones and white nail polish complement each other perfectly, resulting in an elegant and elegant combination. So you can buy rhinestones online and paste with nail glue.

White nails with rhinestones

Source: @ ladykisses760

3. Trendy White Nail Design

The next nail idea is trendy and sets the tone! In this manicure, each nail has a different design with simple white to white crystals, and a nail has a silver geometric pattern. These nails mark all boxes – they are charming, unique and lovely. You can replicate the entire look or try one or two of your favorite designs.

Trendy White Coffin Nail Design

Source: @winniexnx

4. Pink Shimmering Ombre

Next we have the idea to show you a pink and white nail. Some of the nails are white and others have a sparkling pink ombre look. Pink and white complement each other perfectly and bright, fun and good idea. Because each color fits in white, you can emulate these nails or try out a different glow color.

5. Elegant nail design

If you want your quotes to make a statement, this idea is for you. Each nail has a different design with white 3D flowers, rhinestones and silver glitter. We love this idea, because even though the nails are all in one color, they are very unique and brave. This is a striking nail idea and you can try a similar look or just try one or two of the designs.

Elegant white sarong nails

Source: @isabelsnails

6. Stylish white lace

One of the classic and popular nail designs is the nail color with white tips. This next idea is the modern and trendy version. The nails are bare and have a large white tip in the form of a coffin. The stylish French Manicure is only a unique selling point. Nails like these will look fabulous for everyone. Rebuild these nails or select a shorter length.

7. White studs with gold glitter

Next, we have the idea to show you a glamorous and glittering nail. This manicure features white sarong nails with two accent rivets. Accent nails are covered with gold glitter. We love the combination of gold and white. It's a stunning nail art design great for a party and great for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

White and gold glitter coffin nails

Source: @amelasnailz

8. Glittering and trendy nails

Your next nail idea is very fashionable and striking. Each nail has a different design, which is solid white, glittering, diamond and white chrome plated. The combination of trends like chrome with the elegance of shine gives excellent results. It's a design that makes a statement that will captivate your view for any occasion.

9. White nails with accent blossom

The next manicure is very elegant and lovely. Most nails have a pink and white French ombre design and two accent nails. One of the highlighted nails features stunning white floral nail art. We love the art of flowers with white and pink soles, they look fantastic. Decorations with pink and silver diamonds loan the nails a touch of luxury. Such nails will look good for everyone and be great for a special occasion like a wedding.

Floral accent occupied mat nails

Source: the @nailedbyv

10. Matt White sarong nails

Then we have another idea of ​​white and gold. This time, all nails are painted in plain white matt and have an accent nail. The highlighted nail is decorated with golden studs. It is a modern, modern and attractive nail design that is simple to install. Re-create this look or try the white sarong nails with a different rhinestone color.

White, matt Sargnieten with golden snaps

Source: @isabelsnails



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