23 Matte Nail Art Ideas that prove this trend


If you love dull nails, then you are alert for a treatment, because today we show you 23 dull nail designs. There are many reasons why it was so popular that celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian were shot dead. If you have not tried out dull nails or need a modern design, this is the place for you. There are also glamorous studs with a color, cute nail art and bling for every taste. Matt coatings are available online and you can even paint your glossy lacquer matt. What are you waiting for? Look in here!

1. Black Matte Studs

First, we have these dull black sarong nails. Most nails are dull with bright tips and each has an accent nail. Accent nails with black zigzag design and black lace nude. We love dull black because it looks so stylish and the unique nail art really gives the nails an edge. You can emulate the ends and angle pairs with the nail band. It can also be used with a glossy, matt topcoat.

Coffin black matt nails

Source: @haily_naillicious_nails

2. Mat Baby Blue Ombre

The next idea is bright, sweet and great for spring and summer. Naked with the most nails baby blue The ombre and a nail are completely blue. Very matt appearance and suitable for any occasion. You can rebuild this manicure, or you can have all ombre or all blue nails. In any case, the mania will look stunning.

3. Eye-catching nylon and gold design

Grow your nails in a dull blue color. All these nails are painted in dark and lovely blue tones, some of which are decorated with gold ornaments and ornaments. Blue and gold are a striking color combination. It creates such a luxurious and lovely nail set. You can buy similar blue colors online and find similar gold decorations.

Glamorous nail design in navy blue and gold

Source: @hennasnailss

4. Stylish and simple bare nails

Then you have a nail idea to show yourself stylish and simple to wear. Here we have long coffin nails painted in a soft, bare tone. A dull color like this looks lovely in all nail lengths and shapes. From casual days to special events such as weddings, every occasion benefits. This mania was created with Kiara Sky nail polish in the shadow of Exposed. It also used a matt topcoat of the same brand.

5. Matte black rivets with rhinestones

If you like glitter nails with too much bling, you should see the next idea. Features of this manicure matte black quotes and the two nails are decorated with numerous diamonds. The crystals look fascinating and impress with their black color. You can buy rhinestones online and glue them in with nail glue. Re-create this look or try creating your own glitter design.

6. Thick colors and glitter

The idea of ​​your next quotes is bold and unique. The nails were painted with four different paints. Two nails are covered with light pink, one is black, the other is white and the last nail shimmers. We love this design because it allows you to wear different colors on a single manicure, and the glow really holds the nails. Try similar colors or four different colors of your choice.

Bold colors and glow

Source: @_linadoll

7. Marble and Glitter Design Matte Nails

Another popular nail design is marble, and we have a manicure showing how to later wear marble. One nail is dark, the other nail marble Art and others are covered with gold glitter. The colors used are lovely and shimmering with a sparkling terminate. There are marble art tutorials online. You can recreate it or select the colors you want.

Matte burgundy nails with a marble and glitter design

Source: @amelasnailz

8. Matte French Ombre

French Ombre has become one of the must-have looks and manicures like this. We can see why! Here we have long, coffin-shaped nails that commence in pink and turn white. It's a modern and trendy version of a great design and French manicure. It is stylish and simple to wear look. That way, you can just hold it or polish it with some diamonds.

Matte French Ombre stud earrings

Source: @amyduclosnails

9. Matte Casket Nails design for fall

Then we have a stylish manicure that uses neutral and gold. Some nails are naked, others are brown and one has golden nails. Two of the nails are also decorated with gold geometry and rhinestones. We love the colors and the nail art is also breathtaking. It would be great for a spectacular view and a special occasion.

Matt sarong design for fall

Source: @ luzpantoja127

10. Lively matte red studs

Brighten up your look with nails like these. The nails are long and painted in a lovely red color. Such a vibrant red color will make such a statement. You can rebuild this manicure or wear a red shade similar to another nail length and shape. Redness is also accessible through stones and glare. Gilding would be great for the holiday season.

Lively matte red bolts

Source: @ mayras.nails



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