The most lovely cornrow weave


Cornrows is a traditional knitting style and also one of the most popular. Throughout history, cornfields have been used to create simple and lovely styles, and over time, more modern looks have been created with dark colors and hair accessories. Cornrows are versatile and there are many astonishing styles that you can try. In order to inspire your hair, we have found 23 lovely braids of corn husks. This article contains short cuts, long braids, dyed hair and much more. So look around and find the great cornfield style.

Here is a short YouTube tutorial for novice-friendly Cornrow braids:

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1. Simple cornrow braids

First, we have these simple and elegant corn fields. Long braids with a lovely braiding pattern. This hairstyle also has golden accessories. It's an simple-to-wear style and will suit everyone. You can rebuild this view or try similar weaves with a shorter length. A bob will look great.

Simple cornrow braids

Source: @silverhairgh

2nd Side Ombre Braids

If you want style that explains more, this idea can be great for you. We have long corn fields that are unique here. The braids also have an ombre color that starts with black and then blends in with a warm yellow tone. We love the blonde ombre, the color creates such a bold appearance. Try a similar style or use a different color. You can even recreate the style with a different color, red looks fantastic.

Side Ombre Braids

Source: @bee___khumalo

3. Braided Bob with beads

Then we have bob length Fulani braids, For this look, the hair sits just above the shoulders and has eye-catching braids with pearls at the ends. The hair color of the braids is magnificent and the pearls show the hairstyle very stylish. The following is a link to a YouTube video showing the hair and accessories used, and you can see how the style is created. You can try this style or emulate it with different beads. Vibrant beads would be great for the summer.

Braided bob with pearls

Source: @ijeomakol too

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4. Cornrow Braids live

This next hairstyle is one of our favorite hairstyles! We have a corncob here. Knit Bob and the hair used is a vibrant red tone. Red color used, with bob style looks very astonishing and fashion. This is a flashy idea of ​​hair that will highlight the crowd in style. Each braid is also equipped with braided cuffs that give the hair an attractive touch. If you want to completely transform your hair, this is a great method.

Clear red cornrow lichen

Source: @nneunfiltered

5. Fine Cornrow Knit Bun

A bread roll is a great way to shape your hair. Just do not tap our word for it! Check the next look. Here we have superfine corn kernels, which were processed to a very high bun. As you can see, the bun looks very elegant and striking. Such hair suits every situation, from work to official events. You can rebuild it or try even thicker corn fields. In any case, your hair will look fabulous.

Fine cornrow knit button

Source: @adelinaisack

6. Description Braids

With braided patterns you can really make a statement, and this is a great example. This hairstyle features long and elegant grain fields with a complex braided pattern on the head. As you can see, the overall style is pretty simple, but the pattern looks fantastic. If you recreate it or use a similar pattern, it looks good with shorter bindings.

7. Cornrows with accessories

Then we have a trendy look. This hairstyle features chunky cornrows with wave pattern. The hair is also supplied with gold cords and hair rings. We love the accessories we use, because the cords look edgy and the hair rings are very stylish. This is an expressive idea and rings and cords can create a truly unique hairstyle. You can buy such accessories in all colors and designs online.

Cornrows with accessories

Source: @jess_jessy.s

8. Curls with plaited ponytail

Ponytail is one of the places one must have seen and we can see why such hairstyles! High here braided ponytail, The head bristles are shaped into cornfields of varying thickness and the ponytail has loose curls. This is a very glamorous and unique version of a ponytail. Fashionable look that suits everyone.

Braided ponytail with curls

Source: @kitoko_ladies

9. Long cornrows with a unique pattern

The next hair idea has long vertebrate braids with surprising wicker patterns. Thus, these tissues are very long and begin to blacken and merge to a warm and bright hue. The hair on his head has a funky and complex pattern. This is such a statement and bold style. Perfect for those who want to attract attention. You can recreate it or try another Ombre color.

10. Spicy red braids

Then we have another simple but courageous idea. This time we have chunky corn fields and the hair has a spicy red color. We love the color and the trendy style. This hairstyle fits all others and is simple to wear. A red hue like this one is great for fall and winter, but you can obtain a lighter color for the summer.



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