11 simple-baked chicken recipes to try!


In seek of the great simply cooked chicken recipes for yourself? You can do it whenever you want – you do not even have to wait for Christmas.

And it will not be too long – you can always do one, as the following recipes show. Sure, you need supplies, but you can shop anytime. And some dishes can also be prepared in advance – so you can save more time!

Top 11 baked chicken recipes that you can taste

Try one of these lists to prepare your next meal for your family. Your children will love it!

1. Parmesan chicken with crispy garlic

Crispy Parmesan-baked chicken with garlic

Image: i yellowblissroad.co

All you need to prepare this delicious Parmesan chicken is a small egg, breadcrumbs and, of course, chicken. Crunchy Parmesan with garlic added the taste of chicken with Parmesan and became a winner. Yellow lucky street He says.

2. Baked cracker chicken

Firecracker chicken

Image: i closetcooking.co

You will love the delicious and spicy fireworks sauce. The mix is ​​a simple bitter sauce and brown sugar, but it does not look the way you've ever tasted it before.

And if you add some garlic and roast the chicken, it's better! baked cracker chicken, after everything and more Toilet seat cooking,

3. Honey and soy baked chicken

Honey and soy baked chicken

Image: tidymom.net

This is a super simple chicken recipe Regular motherFrom soy sauce to olive oil, honey, salt and pepper, it contains all the ingredients you need for a healthier life. Cooking is also very simple and you can prepare it in less than 15 minutes. Enjoy honey and soy-based chicken anytime!

4. Baked chicken with mushroom sauce

Baked chicken with mushroom cream sauce

Image: I lordbyronskitchen.co

If you like dark meat and can not think of a meal without food, this is what you expect. from Lord Bryon's kitchenIt has a creamy mushroom flavor and you do not have to worry about drying the chicken breast – it prevents the possibility of food poisoning.

5. Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken 2

Image: I lecremedelacrumb.co

If you like honey mustard sauce, this will be your favorite Creame DE LA Crumb. Eat alone or with chips – the chicken here will be very delicate, so you really would not mind. And you will love the boiled, juicy chicken.

6. Healthy baked chicken parmesan

Healthy baked chicken parmesan

Image: I organizeyourselfskinny.co

Thin organized Have the great chicken parmesan recipe for you. You want to try lean chicken schnitzel, which you can crawl in delicious breadcrumbs as often as you like?

Or maybe add a great sauce and cheese to your taste when you cook? Then I wish this healthy chicken Parmesan recipe!

7. Baked chicken breast in the oven

Baked chicken breast

Image: I flavormosaic.co

taste mosaic This cooked chicken breast traditionally wants to keep you with the recipe. Add a few fries, you can eat almost anytime during the day.

You can even prematurely cook this recipe and forget it in the oven – just to turn it on and obtain it when you need it.

8. Baked balsamic chicken

Baked balsamic chicken

Image: i thecookiewriter.co

Cookie Writer This fabulous recipe is there for you. Prepare your choice – boneless or boneless – and is the great preparation for a barbecue party. You do not need much time – just marinate the chicken, preheat and cook for about 40 minutes!

9. Baked Cajun chicken breast

Roasted Cajun chicken breast

Image: i galonamission.co

from Mission to GalonaOne of the most delicious and juiciest alternatives here balances the right things. You can have everything from sandwiches to salads.

10. Chicken rotation

Turning chicken

Image: I culinaryhill.co

kitchen top I have a special recipe for you. Do not do anything in your house except a stove or a slow cooker! It's a spicy treat with everything from peppers to thyme, and you can eat right after cooking. You can even cook two batteries together – great for a party.

11. Baked chicken with lemon

Baked chicken with lemon

Image: I lecremedelacrumb.co

Another LecremedelacrumbIt's a healthier option, it lets you feel the genuine lemon and gives you the taste of roasted asparagus garlic in the top pan. You will love a watery and soft taste that stays in your mouth for a long time!



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