November Pinterest Trends: What to do for traffic and profit?


Today I will talk about my Pinterest series November Pinterest Trends, As with other seek engines, Pinterest is heavily influenced by seasonal and seasonal trends. As a content marketer and blogger, you obtain traffic and revenue enormous Determine the amount if you learn to remove trends correctly.

Personally, from September to October, I've seen an increase in traffic of 15,000 page views per month, all I've been focusing on correcting Halloween content for the past month! It is also my highest gross monthly. Coincidence? I do not think so.

In today's release, I'll show you what to focus on in November for repair and planning.

Remember it Pinterest recommends creating your content 4-6 weeks before the main time. This content (so ideally, make sure your posts end before Christmas, November 25th) and secure it on Pinterest until the morning.

What to do in November?

Use these trend themes to maximize your reach and traffic on Pinterest! Trend content is also good for advertising ads (if they are within your budget).


Thanksgiving is this month's biggest celebration, and even if you're not a food blogger yet, you'll need to learn about Thanksgiving topics, whether Thanksgiving decorations and crafts, Thanksgiving decor, or Thanksgiving activities.

Of course, most people, side dishes, desserts, traditional recipes, southern recipes, sauces, etc. Look for Thanksgiving recipes, including. If you're a lifestyle blogger, I recommend fixing thanksgiving recipes this month!

Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest issue of the year. If you earn money with affiliate marketing, you want to participate in the promotion. Identify and promote offers that appeal to your audience, whether it's fashion, health, travel, or anything else.

Cyber ​​Monday is another great day for bloggers and online marketers. Typically, e-commerce retailers like Amazon propose specials on Cyber ​​Monday. So you should make sure that you have included relevant content before the large day (of course with your affiliate link!).

If you've previously served Pinterest ads and cognize what you're doing, I strongly recommend testing Pinterest ads on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

There are many affiliate platforms that propose higher commissions and special opportunities throughout Black Friday Manas. Make sure you use these. (Need more help choosing the top partnering platforms for your niche? Take a look at the top partner platforms for bloggers!)

Sugar, spices and everything was very kind (ie comfort food!)

Light and delicious foods such as instant cookbooks and slow cooker dishes are popular in November (and will be popular in winter too)!

However, unhealthy comfort foods are not the only foods that are trendy in winter. Special diets such as the keto diet and the paleo diet are also very popular. You should therefore consider setting the recipes in these niches if they suit your audience.

winter Fashion

There are many fashion trends that are in fashion this November on Pinterest! New, modern and future trends, with the exception of prominent catchwords such as "Bahar Autumn Outfits", "Winter Outfits K", "Black Denim Outfits" and "Toy Coats" padded hair bands and (Fake) leather leggings Pinterest also creates waves in the seek.

Here are some ideas for the Winter Trend 2019 from the tracks that were created on Pinterest: boots above the knee, dark flowers, a shoulder top, shoulder padding / puff shoulder and sequins.

If you're a fashion blogger, you can create modern dashboards for each keyword you're interested in. In this way, your needles move faster in the seek!

Ideas for Content Planning: What's Next?

Pinterest recommends creating content 4-6 weeks before the peak time of your seasonal content. So it's time to plan your blog posts for December and January!

Scheduling content with seasonal pinterest trends is my favorite activity, especially this time of year, as it can create additional traffic. In the last two months alone, I've added 20,000 more page views to my blog, using Pinterest trends and planning my content well!


I cognize I have set a broken record since my report on Pinterest in September, but Noel is the BIG on Pinterest and every blogger has the opportunity to profit from this trend.

Some of the most popular Christmas keywords, Christmas recipes (think of Christmas cookies, sweets, dinner ideas), Christmas decorations (Christmas tree ideas, home decor, exterior decoration), Christmas crafts (including all-inclusive crafts) focus. Jewelery, children's arts and crafts, fillers.

Even Christmas fashion (Christmas jerseys, Christmas outfits) and Christmas beauty products (beauty arrival calendars, Christmas nails, DIY beauty products with a Christmas flavor) are crazy!

Gift guides are also very large, so take as many as you can. You can create gift guides for gifts under $ 25, $ 50, $ 100. You can create gift guides for dog lovers, beauty lovers, jet setters and sock filler. If you think that you have prepared enough gift guides, do one more!

DIY gift guides and dollar shop gift guides are also very popular – if it fits in your niche, you might want to consider creating a few.

In short, try to make as many Christmas contributions as possible (I think I am 15 years ancient!). evergreen So you can use it again next year. For example, if you are creating gift guides, select products that you cognize will be sold next year. This will make it easier to monetize the same content next year with the same pins!

Hannukah and Kwanzaa

While Christmas is certainly December's biggest party in the US, we should not forget the other festivals. Both Hannukah and Kwanzaa point to Pinterest seek terms in December. So if you think your audience is allowed to write about it, dive into it.

Like Christmas, the same keywords for both holidays are popular on Pinterest (think gifts, decorations, recipes, arts and crafts and party ideas)!

New Year's Eve

If you are very well organized, you can commence planning your New Year's program from November. I wish, however For genuine We recommend that you use as much time as possible to plan your Christmas contributions. In this case, bloggers usually earn the most money.

New Year's Eve's favorite buzzwords are New Year's Eve party ideas, NYE clothing and clothing, NYE food and appetizers.

* Last thoughts *

There you are! I anticipate this guide will help you navigate this busy season and maximize your visibility and traffic on Pinterest.



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