20 top medium wave hairstyles | Hairstyles and haircuts


Medium wavy hairstyles is the ideal way to revive your look. Adaptable to numerous wavy hairstyles medium-length hair like a textured curve or waves on the beach.

Some of these common hairdressers can be effectively realized without the use of hot appliances using multiple knits and elastic groups. The exquisite vintage waves are pleasant and transform your hair in an instant.

Various strategies can be used to execute the waves; with curly rolls, bar curls, pigtails or flat or curling iron. Whatever your style, you can be sure to make an impression with one of these medium wave hairstyles!

1. Medium wavy hair

How to feed chop looks extraordinary on normal waves or straight hair. Very adaptable. Medium wave hair forms packets to work with a large number of blends.

Medium wavy hairstyles


2. Medium sized cocoa brown wavy hairstyle

What we prefer about this view is that it can be very good. messy or depending on the event as comfortable as you need it. In fact, I like my waves a bit messier just because I have style and I do not think I'm getting close to straight hair.

Medium wavy hairstyles

3. Wavy shoulder-length hair

We are a enormous enthusiast. haircut Any length. This performance is especially youthful, cool, developed and extremely feminine. We believe that every woman should definitely make a haircut once in her life! There will be a fashionable and immortal haircut that will make us look younger, whether short, medium or long.

Wavy hairstyles for medium hair

What we prefer for this rag is the ideal length for the bun everyday if you do not use that energy. wavy style The explosions summarize your face in every way. If you have an extraordinary event, you can look extraordinarily unique and wealthy at the same time by changing your hair. There are so many possibilities!

4. Soft wavy hair for medium hair

Medium long wavy hairstyles

5. Medium Wave Hairstyles 2019

Medium Wavy Hairstyles 2019

6. Ash-brown hair color

Brown Medium Wave Hairstyles-6

7. Side Piece Style

Side panel Medium Wave Hairstyles-7

8. Blonde Ombre

Medium Wavy Blonde Ombre Hairstyles-8

9. Loose wavy hair

Medium Loose Wavy Hairstyles-9

10. Sweet waves

Cute Medium Wavy Hairstyles-10

11. Layered middle haircut

Layered Medium Wavy Hairstyles-11

12. Aschblonde wavy hair color

Ash Blonde Medium Wavy Hairstyles-12

13. Ombre shoulder-length hair

Ombre Medium Wavy Hairstyles-13

14. Medium long hairstyle for the woman

Medium Wave Hairstyles-14


Medium Wavy Hairstyles-15


Medium Wavy Hairstyles-16


Medium Wave Hairstyles-17


Medium Wave Hairstyles-18


Medium Wavy Hairstyles-19


Medium Wavy Hairstyles-20



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