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If you like glamor and glitter nails, this is the place for you! Today we would like to show you the 23 most lovely nails with diamonds. Rhinestones can revive your nails and are simple to use. There are also gemstones in different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can create unique crystal nail art. Check out the top diamond nails on Instagram to obtain inspired for your next manicure. You can show your nail technician one of these ideas in the nail salon or try to replicate some of them. Have a stunning look for any occasion and have a nail design for everyone.

1. Matte Stiletto stud earrings with diamonds

The first nail idea we need to show you is stylish, stylish and eye-catching. Here we have stiletto-shaped nails in matt black. Both nails are on the one hand beautifully decorated with rhinestones. Such a mani would be great for a special occasion or a party. You can commute this look to any nail shape and use gloss varnish. Use only a matt topcoat.

Matte Diamond Stiletto Stud Earrings

Source: @nailsbymzt too

2. Diamond Accent Studded French Manicure

You like French Manicure, but you want to revive the classic design? If so, this idea can be great for you. Here we have naked color and stylish nails with white tips. There is also an accent nail with a stunning diamond and pearl design. A stunning combination of pearls and crystals and a great compliment to French mania. Nails like this wedding,

3. Stunning Gold Studs

The next propose idea is one of our favorites! Here we have bare nails decorated with gold and sparkling diamonds. A stunning and stylish design great for ladies who want to keep up with the trends or who love fancy nail designs. You can buy gold glitter crystals for your nails online. Restore the clear view or use the decorations in a nail color of your choice.

4. Precious stones with burgundy studs

Then we have a lovely burgundy nail set to show you. Most nails are bright and have a matte accent with a striking diamond design. It is a bold and lovely nail idea and the great nail color for autumn and winter. You can create an appearance like this, or you can create any glossy or all dull fingernails.

Stony burgundy nails

Source: @tior_nails

5. Amazing diamond nail idea

We love your next nail design. Here we have ombre coffin-shaped nails, where each nail has a rhinestone design! All diamonds used have different shapes and sizes and look very shaky and astonishing. Such a manicure for ladies who want to stand out from the crowd. Nails like these would be great for parties, nights and more. You can recreate this design on any nail length and shape. The longer your nails are, the more jewels you can carry. Such rhinestones can be bought online and glued on with nail glue.

Nail art design with Ombre rhinestones

Source: @_allured

6. French ombre coffin studs with rhinestones

French Ombre It has become one of the nail views that should be. This nail art uses classic nude and white colors, but has an ombre design. The view is itself stylish, but you can really decorate it with gems. Here is a good example. As you can see, the diamond design fits perfectly with the Ombre. You can find French Ombre lessons online and replicate that look, or experiment with stones to create your own glittering nails.

7. Glittering and attractive nail idea

The idea of ​​the next nail is lovely, descriptive and glittering. Some of the nails for this look are light pink, one has a stylish nail art decoration and the last nails are covered with rhinestones. By using different diamond designs your nails look unique and super attractive. We love how different spot colors are used because they look good in pink. This mani would be great for spring and summer.

8. Rose and Diamond Nail Design

Do you like Flower Nail Art? If so, you should see these nails! We have long coffin nails here and each hand has a different design. The nails are covered with eye-catching diamonds, while the nails are covered with pink roses. With such nails you obtain the top of both worlds – lovely flowers and sparkling jewelry. Roses were made with transfer foils that you can buy online. There are many different flower patterns to try out.

Rose and Diamond Nail Design

Source: @ riyathai87

9. Stylish coffin nails with gemstones

Your next nail idea is very stylish and elegant. The manicure has light coffin nails and most nails have a different rhinestone pattern. You can make the diamonds on your nails look very elegant by using a lean and soft color. This is another idea that is great for weddings or special occasions. Re-create the whole look or just try one or two of your favorite designs.

Bare coffin studs with rhinestones

Source: @_allured

10. Vibrant blue nails with rhinestones

Add a lively color accent to your look with nails like these! These nails are stiletto shaped and each nail has a different design. One is simply light blue and the rest is decorated with stunning and sparkling crystals. Blue is light and dark, so it's great for the summer. Every shade of blue looks stunning. Try it if you prefer lighter pastels.

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