An invigorating thyme offset lemonade recipe mixed with tequila


The simplest and most refreshing recipe for thyme tequila sodas. You can use the light lemonade bought at the store or make your own. The key is adding fresh thyme and high quality tequila!

Side shot of a glass of filled lemonade

Our recipe for Tequila Tequila Lemonade is incredibly simple and refreshing. The same applies to ours Lemonade margaritavery good and simple! For this hot lemonade cocktail we added fresh thyme and thyme lemonade added a refreshing touch.

Newman's Own Virgin Lemonade is my favorite soda and is sold in most markets.

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I liked it because it's not so cute, it's affordable and reminds me of the ancient fashioned lemonade. And that's not supported in any way, just in my opinion.

You can even buy freshly squeezed lemonade in some stores so you can think about what type of lemonade you can use for this recipe!

Thyme Tequila Spiked Lemonade Make – Step by Step

  • Put the lemonade, thyme, tequila and lemon slices in a jug and mix.
  • Leave in the fridge and let the thyme settle.
  • Add ice if you are alert to serve!
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Thyme cocktail

This lemonade recipe with spines is particularly alive with the addition of thyme. Definitely "Thyme için for cocktails!

Apart from funny abandonment, thyme is a delicate plant that is ideal for many cocktails. As a Mediterranean town and member of the Mint family, Thyme offers an outstanding aromatic quality that makes cocktails something very special.

Thyme Tequila Lemonade – Super Simple Cocktail!

This is not a failure cocktail, it is something most people can do with lemonade or homemade drink, depending on how much time you spend. This recipe also accommodates up to 6 people, ideal for meetings! If a larger group breaks down, you can double, triple or quadruple the ingredients for a larger group!

Which alcohol can I use with lemonade?

Lemonade matches different spirits. You can use the tequila as in this recipe and it gives the cocktail a smoky, oak-like agave taste.

You can also use unpleasant vodkas when mixing them with lemonade. So if you do not like the taste of alcohol, vodka is the top alcohol when you add lemonade.

Gin is also another alcohol that works well with lemon. Gin gives a botanical taste with a really kind cocktail for spring.

Top Tips for Thyme Tequila Lemonade

  • Choose a good tequila!
  • Choose a high quality lemonade or squeeze it fresh if you have time.
  • Let the lemonade drip for at least 30 minutes.
  • Serve with ice, a slice of lemon and a thyme stalk!
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If you've tried this recipe with thyme tequila lemon soda or any of the recipes on my blog, please rate it and let me cognize in the comments below how it works!

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  • 4 cups light, natural lemonade, We LOVE Newman's Virgin Lemonade. Really the top!
  • 1 1/2 cups gold Tequila
  • 4 shoot thyme
  • 2 all sliced ​​lemons to decorate
  • 3 cups ice cubes
  • Put the lemonade, thyme, tequila and lemon slices in a jug and mix.

  • Leave in the fridge and infuse the thyme, then add the ice when done!

nutritional information

Tequila tequila lemonade

Quantity per serving (0 g)

calorie 229

% Daily value *

fat 0g0%

Saturated fat 0g0%

cholesterol 0 mg0%

sodium 11mg0%

potassium 49 mg% 1

carbohydrates 23g8th%

Fiber 1g4%

Candy 19g21%

protein 0g0%

Vitamin A the 30i% 1

vitamin C 20.1mg24%

calcium 12mg% 1

iron 0.3 mg% 2

* The percentage of daily values ​​is based on a 2000 calorie diet.



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