3 ideas to decorate your long coffin nails


Long coffin nails It is considered attractive and lovely. They are popular with celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Long coffin nails The ends are narrowed and long nails cut.

You can design nails in any color you want. They also provide space for 3D elements and other designs. This allows you to work more creatively with your nails. Do you want to try long coffin nails? Get your favorite quotes from the following ideas.

1. Nude becomes stylish

You can go with glamorous elegance long coffin nails, All you need is a naked color. Her long nails help to highlight the color. This simple view is suitable for occasional trips or parties. Nude colors, pastel pink and other soft colors can create this lovely look. When the shadow gets darker, like dusty pink, decorate it with decorations. Remember, it's more or less.

Pastel pink sarcotta designs create a great look that makes you look more stunning.

If you want a great coffin nail, you need to use nails in sheer colors that will give your look style with a matching decoration.

Three pink Sargnieten in pastel shades, mixed with silver, make your nails look more elegant and lovely.


The sarong design with pink pastel in combination with silver makes it look more great and breathtaking.

If you are tired of the current nail design, you can try it out. Naked coffin nails and a nail in a silver pair give it a more elegant look.

The perfection of your nails becomes visible with pink sarong design to make you look more lovely.

If you want a striking nail design, you can design nails in the color you want. For example, if you combine pastel pinks with sarcana designs and shades, your look will be more lovely and lovely.

The dusty pink coffin nail style with gold and silver trinkets makes your nails look more stunning.

You can look lovely with glamorous coffin nails, your nails will look more lovely with dusty pink nails.


2. Matte coffin nails

Matte colors are great for you long coffin nailsexcept lips. Try black and white. Black three nails polish. In the meantime, polish one nail with white and clean the other. Decorate the transparent nail with ornaments or draw a few lines to your liking. Matt red goes perfectly with parties. If you want to go to events, prepare a dull red nail polish and some decorations. Decorate your nails with appropriate decorations. The more ornaments you cast, the more attractive they look.

Black and white matt coffin design will make you more lovely and stylish. So you are safer in terms of your nail designs.


If you want stylish nails, you should use this design. Black jet nails in combination with white lines and black nails make your coffin nails look more attractive and lovely.


I fall in love with dull black and white nails, so I use this nail design to make it look more lovely and attractive.


Black and white are two colors that complement each other perfectly. This nail shows a great way to work both colors. Some nails have a black color and two highlighted nails. One nail has a dull white accent, the other is opaque with black patterns and gemstones. This is how your nails look more elegant.


Red, matte and shimmering sarcana designs will make your nails look more elegant and lovely.

Mattrote nail designs with gold-like decorations in the middle and the pictures on the nails look great. You can try this design to make it look more lovely.

Dark red matt, combined with the golden color of your nails, makes your nails look more spectacular. so you should try it.

If you want your coffin nails to look more lovely, use a gold-rimmed red cloth to make your nails look more elegant.


3. Sparkles Sparks

If you are a woman who loves to be brave and go to parties, glitter is your choice. You can look both charming and elegant, brown and naked. Polish a dull brown nail and store the rest for a mere color. Add glitter to the two nails for an accent. White also shines in combination with dull blue nails. You can also make this look black, pink and others.

You heard that long coffin nails Wonder for an experiment. Try a defragmentation Ombre Stollen with sparkles. Choose pink nails and decorate them with gold or silver glitter. Add some 3D elements as needed. You can also use a combination of matte pink and pink chrome.

Have fun experimenting long coffin nails,

Brown combined 3D accent coffin nail design makes your nail design great, making you look more lovely and attractive.


If you want a lovely sarcana design, use a shimmering brown mixed color to make your nails look attractive.


Your sarong nails look more attractive, shimmer brown and make your nail designs more elegant and lovely.


The deep black, brown and shimmering combination makes your sarong design look more attractive. Maybe you have to try this design.


Black and shimmering brown nails make your sarong nails look more elegant, so you can look more elegant with this design.


Matte blue sarcana designs give it a perfectly shimmering look.


If you want your sarong nails to look glamorous, you should use a matte blue color with marble to make your nail designs more elegant.


The matt blue nail style in combination with marble makes your sarong nails lovely and attractive.




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