2019 21 Best Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles


Do you have lovely curly hair and would you like to try a short, trendy cut? Then this is the place for you! We have 21 stunning Curly Pixie hairstyles. Curly people may have started to try a short hairstyle, but all these ladies show how lovely a curly fairy can be. What are you waiting for? Look, we have a hairstyle for everyone, from edgy styles, dark hair colors, stylish cuts and more.

1. Curly Pixie Cut with highlights

The first hair idea we have to show you is very stylish and simple to wear. For this look, the hair is pretty short and the upper part is long and very curly. With such a hair you obtain the top of both worlds. You can show off your curls beautifully, but you also have simple-to-use hair. We love this trendy cut.

Curly fairy cutting with highlights

Source: @brazilianstylist

2. Asymmetric pixie cut

Then we have a stylish and modern hair idea. A cute short elf with asymmetric cut in the front. As you can see, one page is longer than the other. We love this style because fashionable and long hair creates a side bang. A cool hairstyle that's great for trend-setting ladies.

3. Attractive pixie hairstyle

Make your hair a glamorous make-up with such a cut. Here we have a stunning fairy with loose curls. The cut is very soft and looks lovely. A timeless hairstyle like this makes you look stylish for any occasion and to suit everyone. This is a lovely hairstyle and one of our favorite looks!

Glamorous pixie hairstyle

Source: @natheerial

4. Curls and blondes

You are tired of hair and want to completely transform? Then this hair idea is just right for you. This hairstyle is very short on the sides and the top of the hair is long and curly. The upper part was also painted with eye-catching honey yellow accents. We like it because the hairstyle is stylish and the color gives the classic cut more explanation and boldness. Re-create this view or try a similar cut in a different color.

5. Blonde Pixie Cut with curly bangs

The next hairstyle we need to show you is a sweet cut with pony. This time we made a longer fairy cut with curly explosions. Nice and simple to wear style. A long fairy like this one is great for those who do not want to miss. Of course, you can replicate the look with shorter hair.

6. Fashionable and frustrated hair

Then we have a trendy style. For this look, the hair was cut back and short with a ruffled, longer curly part. These curls are textured and comfortable, giving the hairdo an edgy feel. This hairstyle is great for ladies who want to commute their ancient hairstyle for a modern and simple-to-cut cut.

Frustrated curly elf hair

Source: @sashaivanovsky

7. Pixie cut with tight curls

If your hair is too curly, this idea is for you. Here we have a kind pixie style for tighter curls. As you can see, the short style curls look very sweet. Many women with curly hair like this can not make shorter cuts, but they look elegant and lovely. Hair like this will suit everyone and we will love it!

Pixie Cut With Tight Curls

Source: I @lizafu

8. Sweet curly pixie hair

This next hairstyle is one of our favorite hairstyles! The hair is cut into a short elf and has long structured, curly curls on top. She has blond hair in her hair. We love blonde color, edgy curls and sweet style. A stunning elf that lets you drop your inner chicks.

Sweet curly fairy hairstyle

Source: @kris_tastic

9. Thick Pixie Cut

Looking for a hairstyle that stands out from the crowd? If so, this could be great for you. Here we have a short dark elf cut on back and sides and the curly hair up is bright. Vibrant colors create such a stylish expression and allow you to demonstrate your unique style. You can recreate it or select a different color for the top of the hair.

10. Short fairy with comfortable curls

If you are looking for a simpler style, you have to try it. Here we have a short fairy with loose curls. The curls are structured and give the hair a more pleasant look. It is simple to use, simple to clean and suitable for every hair type. A stylish look that never goes out of fashion.



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